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Immigration Judicial Review Success Rate | Tier 1, Visitor Visa

UK Visit Visa Judicial Review | Tier 1 Judicial Review Success

According to Official Statistics, since Nov 2013, 42,705 Immigration Judicial Review Cases have been determined by (UTIAC). Since a great majority of the cases are settled on ‘paper’ in favour of claimants, therefore, only 8,885 and 679 cases went through Oral or Substantive Hearing, respectively, from 2013/14 to Q3 2017/18. In total 52,269 Judicial Review Applications were determined on paper, oral or substantive hearing.

The immigration judicial review success rate during 2017/18 has remained as high as 29% and 38% for oral and substantive hearing, respectively; whereas, the ratio of case totally without merit has remained as low as 10.03%. As per procedure, unsuccessful cases at the Oral Hearing are requested for Substantive Hearing, therefore, the judicial review success rate after the determination on papers is as high as 32.20%.

UK Visit Visa 2018 | How hard is it to get a Standard Visa?

UK Visit Visa 2018 | How Hard is it to Get a UK Visitor Visa?

If an applicant is not able to establish his/her bona-fide in the application then instead of a visa, the passport is returned with a Refusal Letter stating the reasons for refusing the visitor visa application. In more than 80–90% of the visitor visa applications the common reasons relate to establishing income i.e. origination of funds in the bank statement from employment or business, especially large deposits in the bank statements, which do not commensurate with the stated income of an applicant. Moreover, quite a few applications are refused/banned on General Grounds due to past adverse immigration history- over-stayers, deportation, removals- or submitting false documents or making false statements in the application/during the interview. Please note: in case of a BAN, any future applications are automatically refused up-to 10 years. Therefore, if an applicant deems that the BAN is not justified then he/she needs to the challenge the refusal through a Judicial Review, as there is No Right of Appeal even for the Family Visitors since June 25, 2013.

Long-Term Visitor Visa UK | Processing Time, Fee, Refusals

Long-Term Visitor Visa UK Processing Time 2018, Fee, Refusals

This relates to Long-Term Visit Visa UK Processing Time 2018 for 2, 5 and 10 years UK multiple entry visitor visas for frequently visiting the UK for permitted family, tourist, business and other activities, such as regular medical check-ups in the UK. Since 6-months visitor visas are most common and after issuance of six-month multiple…

UK Family Visitor Visa Processing Time 2018

UK Family Visitor Visa Processing Time

The details for UK Family Visitor Visa Processing Time from a random sample of twenty (20) UKVACs during the month of January 2018 indicates that usually most of the applications are processed within 15-30 working days i.e. 3 to 6 weeks. However, in some cases, the decision exceeds 30 days, but it is concluded within 60-90 days. Therefore, if one is making a family visitor visa application from outside the UK then he/she is not wrong in expecting a decision within 6 weeks or 30 working days or maybe earlier with 5-15 working days, especially if the applicant has purchased the priority service. SEE ALSO UK Visa Delay Reasons.

UK Visa Appeal Processing Time

Immigration Appeal Success Rate

Since some inquiries are interested in knowing the UK Visa Application Processing Time from outside and inside the UK. Moreover, if their visa application is refused then applicants are interested in knowing the time period for appeals, administrative review and judicial review. Therefore, this post highlights the details of Non-Settlement Visa Processing Time from Outside…

Suitability of UK Visitor Visa | Visa Cancellation UK

Visitor visas are not refused on general grounds but are refused due to inability to meet the suitability requirements as per Part V3 or Part V9 of Appendix V for visitors. It is important to note that there is no single set of requirements that apply to all the different types of visitor visa whether for: visit visa application, for leave to enter at the UK border as a visitor or for an extension of a visitor visa in the UK. Therefore, when a visit visa application is refused on suitability grounds or a visa or leave to enter or leave to remain is cancelled/curtailed it is under Part V3 of Appendix V or Part V9 of Appendix V. A leave to enter/remain as a visitor can be either be cancelled before or on arrival at the UK border or can be curtailed if the visitor is unable to satisfy the requirements of Part V9 of Appendix V.

Can I Study in the UK on a Visitor Visa?

Study Should Not be the Main Purpose of Visiting the UK

This post relates to permitted Study for Visitors and covers the following topics: Study Should Not be the Main Purpose or for more than thirty (30) Days; Allowed Exceptions for Long-term Visit Visa Holders; Permitted Activities for Educational Exchange Visits; State Education – dependant children of the Visiting Academics in the UK for 12 months;…

UK Family Visitor Visa | UK Tourist Visitor Visa General Guidance

Permitted Activities on UK Tourist Visitor Visa

This relates to general guidance for UK Visitor Visa Applications as a Family and Tourist Visitor and provides information relating to permitted and prohibited activities inside the UK on a Family and Tourist Visit Visa. Permitted Activities as Family and Tourist Visitor General Tourism is a Permitted Activity For visit visa applications as a tourist,…

UK Sponsor Documents | UK Visitor Visa Funds Requirements

How Much Bank Balance to Show for Visitor Visa?

For a successful UK Visitor Visa Application, an applicant needs to have sufficient funds for UK visa to support the expenses associated with the trip, without recourse to public funds in the UK. At times, a family member or friend may also undertake to sponsor a trip to the UK so as to cover the cost of travel, living and accommodation in the UK even for such applicants, especially family members like parents, who either have limited income or no bank account. Accordingly, this post explains the details of UK visitor visa maintenance funds, UK visitor visa accommodation proof and UK visitor visa sponsor documents in terms of Paragraphs V 4.2 (Sufficient Funds), V 4.3 (Funds, maintenance and accommodation provided by a third party) and V 4.23 (a) (Conditions for leave to enter or an extension of stay as a visitor).

Long Term Standard Visitor Visa UK Multiple Entry Visa Rules

Apply for Long Term Visit Visa UK: UK Visa Type C Multiple Entry

A visitor is a person coming to the UK up to 180 days for a temporary purpose. If 6 months visit visa UK is granted to an individual in past for visiting the UK as a family, tourist, business visitor and now the validity of the visa is either expired or about to expire then a long-term standard visitor visa can be applied if an applicant is able to state a clear purpose of visiting the UK frequently. If an applicant is able to meet the visitor visa rules but is not able to demonstrate the need/reason that he/she will be able to visit the UK at regular intervals, then the applicant is not qualified for a long-term visitor visa. In such instances, a visitor visa for up to six (6) months is usually granted and no refund (full or partial) is made to the applicant i.e. if an applicant applies for a two (2) years visitor visa and if instead of an intended duration the applicant is granted a six (6) months visitor visa then no refund will be paid to the applicant. In such situations, a statement of reasons is usually provided to the applicant explaining the details of granting a visitor visa for a shorter duration when the passport is returned to an applicant.