Category: Short Stay Visa

UK visa requirements for family, tourist and business visitors

This category covers the UK and USA short-stay visa types for family, general tourist, business, marriage, study, English Language and PPE visitor.

The short-stay visa guidance, requirements and faqs

Apparently, millions of people around the globe wish to visit the UK and the USA every year. However, due to lack of information and understanding about the application procedure, quite a few are unable to make a successful application. Therefore, this category provides information and insight for making a successful application as a visitor.

Apply for B1/B2 combination visa for visiting the USA

Apparently, the US b1/b2 is the most popular short-stay visa around the globe. However, the refusal rate of the b1/b2 is high, especially for applicant from the developing countries such as Nigeria, India, Pakistan etc. Therefore, it is important to understand the requirements before applying for increasing the chances of success!

The types of applications for UK short-stay visa

Perhaps, after USA b1/2 visa, the UK visitor visa is the most common type of entry clearance for a temporary visit. Since 2015 it is officially known as a standard visitor. However, there are other types of short-stay visas to the UK such as Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE), Marriage, Parent of Tier 4 Child. And also short term study for up to 6. And also for 11-months English course in the UK. Nevertheless, the standard visitor route remains the most popular for visiting for a short duration.

The most common refusal reason

Probably the most important requirement is to establish the purpose of visiting the UK. Most noteworthy, the inability of the applicants to explain the purpose and credibility in the application leads to a refusal. Accordingly, the posts in this category discuss the rules and requirements to apply for a short term visa successfully. Moreover, also explains the possible reasons for short stay application refusals.

Know the eligibility requirements and insights!

Furthermore, the posts elaborate the eligibility requirements, sponsorship documents, multiple-entry and long-term visa rules, documents checklist etc. And also provide quick tips for success!

Contact immigration specialists

Moreover, if you intend to discuss and process your short-stay visa application then may contact specialist immigration solicitors London.

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Long Term Visitor Visa UK: Apply 2, 5, 10 Yrs Visa Successfully

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UK Visitor Visa Cancelled under Part V9 of Appendix V

UK Visitor Visa Cancelled After Suitability Becomes Doubtful

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Medical Visa UK: what are the requirements for private treatment?

UK Medical Visa Requirements for Private Treatment and Checkup

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