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UK visa requirements for family, tourist and business visitorsThis covers the UK visitor visa requirements for family, general tourist, business, marriage and PPE. Perhaps, the UK Visitor Visa is the most common type of entry clearance visa for temporary visiting the UK. Since 2015 it is officially known as Standard Visitor Visa. However, there are other types of temporary visas to the UK such as Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE), Marriage, Parent of Tier 4 Child Visa. Nevertheless, the Standard Visitor Visa remains the most popular visa for visiting for a short duration.

Probably the most important requirement of applying the visitor visa is to establish the purpose of visiting the UK. Most noteworthy, the inability of the applicants to establish the purpose and credibility in the application form leads to refusal. Accordingly, the posts in this category discuss the UK visitor visa requirements. And also indicate the possible refusal reasons.

Furthermore, details elaborate on eligibility requirements, sponsorship documents, multiple entry and long-term visa rules, documents checklist etc. 

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UK Medical Visa: how to make a successful application?

UK Medical Visa Requirements for Private Treatment and Checkup

This relates to UK medical visitor visa requirements for private medical treatment and checkup. Certainly, the UK medical visa is a standard visitor visa for the purpose of private medical treatment, consultation or checkup. Accordingly, the first section highlights the requirements and duration of UK medical visa for private treatment, consultation and medical checkup. Moreover,…

UK Visitor Visa Sponsor Documents: Trip Cost & Maintenance Funds

UK Visitor Visa Sponsor Documents: Trip Cost & Maintenance Funds

This relates to UK visitor visa sponsor financial requirements. Perhaps, for a successful UK Visitor Visa Application, sufficient funds for UK  visa and proof of accommodation UK visa are important. Accordingly, this post explains the details of UK visitor visa maintenance funds, UK visitor visa accommodation proof and UK visitor visa sponsor documents in terms of Paragraphs V 4.2 (Sufficient Funds), V…

UK Visitor Visa Requirements: what you need to know? Best Advice!

UK Visit Visa Eligibility Requirement and paragraph v 4.2 (a) (c)

This relates to explaining UK visitor visa requirements in the light of paragraph v4.2-v4.10 of Appendix V of the Immigration Rules. Accordingly, in a nutshell, fulfilling UK visitor visa requirements means that an applicant clarifies his/her purpose of visiting the UK, has the ability to meet the trip cost without recourse to public funds and establishes clear…

UK Visa Refusal Reasons: what you need to know? Best Advice!

UK Visa Refusal Reasons for Standard, Tourist, Business Visitors

This relates to the most common reasons for UK standard visa refusal as family, tourist and business visitors. And also in terms of Appendix V for Visitors, the post also covers the general grounds for refusal. Perhaps, the underlying reason for UK visitor visa refusal is the lack of understanding of the immigration rule. Accordingly, the refusal reasons…

UK Visa Supporting Documents Checklist for all types of visitors!

UK Visa Supporting Documents and Proof of Intent to Return Home

This relates to UK visa supporting documents for all types of visitor visa applications. Certainly, in terms of Appendix V for visitors, an applicant needs to establish the purpose of visiting the UK, the ability to maintain and accommodate during the visit and intentions to leave the UK and proving intent to return home after…

UK Visit Visa Extension- Can I Extend My UK Visitor Visa?

UK Visit Visa Extension- Can I Extend My UK Visitor Visa?

Yes, a visitor can extend a visitor visa from inside the UK. The UK visit visa extension fee for the main applicant and dependants is £993/- per applicant. Moreover, the UKVI’s service standard is to process all non-settlement visa applications such as visitor visa extension within 8 weeks. Accordingly, the post highlights the immigration statistics,…

UK PPE Visa: what you need to know? Best Expert Advice!

UK PPE Visa: Permitted Paid Engagement Visitor Visa Guidance

This explains assessment and documentation for permitted paid engagement visitor visa application for Visiting Examiners or Assessors, Visiting Lecturers, Recognised Organisations Inviting Visiting Examiners/Assessors/Visiting Lecturers for PPE, Designated Air Pilot Examiners, Qualified Lawyers and Arts, Entertainment and Sporting Professionals. Permitted Paid Engagement Visa Guidance Visitors are allowed to undertake permitted paid engagements (PPE) under Appendix 3 and 4…

Marriage Visitor Visa UK: what you need to know? Best Advice!

Marriage Visitor Visa UK: Notice of Intention & Civil Partnership

This relates to Marriage Visitor Visa UK as per Part V6 of Appendix V Immigration Rules. Apart from Fiancé(e) Visa, the Marriage Visitor Visa enables an applicant to apply entry clearance for marriage or civil partnership in the UK. Accordingly, it is mandatory for a visitor who intends to enter the United Kingdom for the purpose of marriage or entering…