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partner visa ukPartner Visa UK is for a fiancé(e), spouse, civil, unmarried, same-sex partner. And also for a bereaved spouse or civil partner and victims of domestic violence.

Partner visa UK on or after 8 July 2012

The posts in this section mainly relate to Article 8 applications or claims submitted on or after 9 July 2012 by a partner who first applied for entry clearance or leave to remain on or after that date, as a:

  • partner – a fiancé or fiancée, proposed civil partner, spouse, civil partner or person who has been living together with the sponsor in a relationship akin to a marriage or civil partnership for at least two years prior to the date of application, and a person who is either a British citizen, present and settled in the UK or in the UK with limited leave as a refugee or person granted humanitarian protection
  • bereaved partner (other than a fiancé or fiancée or proposed civil partner) in the UK of a deceased British citizen or person settled in the UK

Accordingly, the posts in this section cover the partner visa UK Requirements for entry clearance, leave to enter or remain, ILR (settlement). And also UK partner visa refusal reasons, in the light of Appendix FM, Immigration Rules.

Fiancé(e), Proposed Civil Partner Visa & Marriage Visitor Visa UK

Perhaps, at times, quite a few applicants can’t really decide whether to opt for a fiancé(e) or marriage visitor visa for enabling a marriage or civil partnership in the UK. Therefore, this section also includes the details of marriage visitor visa under Appendix V Immigration Rules for visitors. Apparently, a comparison of fiancé(e) and proposed civil partner visa with the marriage visitor visa UK may enable applicants to make a more suitable decision.

Contact UK Partner Visa Specialists Applications and Appeals

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Bereaved Partner ILR: how to meet requirements? Best free advice

Requirements for Indefinite Leave to Remain as a Bereaved Partner

This relates to bereaved partner ILR in the UK for spouse and a civil partner under the family route as per Appendix FM of Immigration Rules. Accordingly explains the eligibility and suitability requirements for the grant of indefinite leave to remain as a bereaved partner. And also the refusal reasons. Apparently, these rules are not applicable…

Spouse visa refusal reasons: what you need to know? Best Advice!

Common Reasons for UK Spouse or Partner Visa Refusal

This relates to UK Spouse Visa Refusal Reasons in the light of spouse/partner visa requirements stated in Appendix FM to the Immigration Rules and related legislation. The post covers most common refusal reasons due to an inability of an applicant to fulfil suitability, relationship, English language, accommodation and financial requirements for entry clearance and leave to remain applications as…

Spouse Visa English Requirement: what you need to know?

English Language Requirement for Spouse Visa

This relates to Spouse Visa English Requirement in the light of Appendix FM for Family Members of the Immigration Rules. For the initial 30 months application as a spouse/partner of UK Sponsor an applicant needs to demonstrate a minimum English Language proficiency level of A1 and for subsequent 30 months leave to remain application the required level of…

Spouse Visa Accommodation Requirements: what you need to know?

Spouse Visa Adequate Accommodation Appendix FM

This relates to Adequate Accommodation Requirements for UK spouse or partner visa under Appendix FM. Accordingly, discusses the details relating to Proof of Adequate Accommodation. Moreover, also provides a checklist of UK spouse visa relating to accommodation in the UK. Please note: it is not mandatory to make any payments for accommodation until the applicants receive a decision…

UK Settlement Visa Processing Time | UK Spouse Visa Timelines!

UK Settlement Visa Processing Time

This relates to UK family settlement visa processing time 2019 for entry clearance applications from outside the UK. Usually, settlement visa from outside the UK essentially refers to the family or spouse visa. Apparently, the UK spouse visa timelines from outside the UK predominates the UK settlement visa timelines. Moreover, the post also covers and highlights the UK spouse…

Fiancé Visa UK: what you need to know? Best Expert Advice!

Fiancé Visa is for enabling marriage or civil partnership in UK

This relates to fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner visa requirements in the light of Appendix FM to the Immigration Rules. Apparently, the sole purpose of a fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner visa to enable the marriage or civil partnership of the applicant with the UK sponsor. Certainly, a person granted entry clearance or leave to enter or remain as a fiancé or fiancée or…

Set DV Modernised Guidance for Spouse Visa Domestic Violence UK

Set DV Modernised Guidance for Spouse Visa Domestic Violence UK

This relates to Set DV guidance for victims of domestic violence. Accordingly, the post covers the details for spouse visa domestic violence UK and requirements to apply for an ILR in terms of Appendix FM, Immigration Rules. Spouse Visa Domestic Violence UK This category is for those applicants who have been granted a limited leave…

UK Spouse Visa: what you need to know? Best Expert Advice!

UK Spouse Visa Requirements for Out of Country Applications

This relates to UK spouse visa requirements for out of country entry clearance applications under the 5-year partner route as per Appendix FM. Accordingly, the post explains the details of eligibility and suitability requirements relating to a spouse or civil, unmarried, same-sex partner visa applications under the family route. Moreover, the post discusses spouse or partner visa grants, general…