Supporting Documents for Tourist and Family Visitor Visa UK

To get a tourist or family visitor visa an applicant needs to prove that they have ample funds for the trip and will leave UK at the end of the visit. Accordingly, applicants need to provide the supporting documents required for UK Tourist or Family visitor visa application. For making a successful UK family visitor or tourist visa application, this post explains the details of supporting documents to prove family ties in the home country, proof of intent to return home, employment, bank balance and evidence of assets.

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Documents Required for Visitor Visa UK

Depending on the purpose of the visit and personal circumstances, an applicant needs to provide an appropriate combination of the following supporting documents required for the UK family visitor or tourist visa application.

UK Visa Supporting Documents Checklists

  1. Immigration Travel Documents such as a valid passport in good condition with at least one-page blank on both sides
  2. Previous Passport, if available
  3. Translation of Documents not in English/Welsh
  4. Trip Itinerary or Letter of Invitation
  5. Hotel Booking or Accommodation Provided by the UK Sponsor
  6. Copy of UK Sponsor’s Passport or Residence Permit, if necessary
  7. Ticket Booking, if necessary
  8. Personal Bank Statements Last 6-months
  9. Personal Bank Account Maintenance Certificate
  10. Investment, Savings or Shareholding Certificates
  11. Residential Property Ownership or Tenancy
  12. Letter of Employment or Business Registration Certificate
  13. Pay Slips Last 6-months or Business Bank Account Statements
  14. Tax Returns Last 3-Years
  15. Marriage or Civil Partnership Certificate, if applicable
  16. Any evidence of family members remaining in your home country whilst you travel such a family form, child registration certificate etc.
  17. Any Other Documents deem appropriate to send with the application such as a Letter of Study*


A student may provide a Letter of Study from the educational institution. The study letter for UK tourist or family visit visa application should be on the letterhead of the educational provider. Moreover, the letter of study should confirm student’s enrollment and leave of absence due to the proposed trip.

Further Information

If the UKVI asks for more documents, then an applicant needs to furnish the requisite documents as early as possible – at the most within 28-working days.

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UK Visitor Visa Supporting Documents Requirements

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    Multilingual qualified London based immigration specialists will get back to you, usually within 2-3 working days. If you have not attached any documents, then the UK based Law firm may ask for the relevant Case-Specific Document(s) such as Refusal Letters, Deportation Orders, Application Forms etc. Moreover, after reviewing the papers and information, the legal advisor may advise a course of action and quote the fees for processing the application.

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    Mandatory Documents Supporting Documents UK Visa

    The mandatory supporting documents for UK visa are valid travel documents (such as passport) and translation of supporting documents, which are not in English/Welsh

    Travel Documents (Passport)

    A valid travel document means a national passport or any other such document that lawfully enables the holder to travel internationally. Therefore, the passport of the applicant must be in good condition and have at least one blank page on both sides for affixing the visa vignette in case of a successful outcome. If UK visa has been issued in the past, but it is in an old passport, then it is advisable to enclose the current as well as the previous passport with the application.


    If the supporting documents are not in English or Welsh, then applicants need to submit translations with copies of the originals. If required, the UKVI may verify the translated documents independently. Therefore, the translated supporting documents with the UK visitor visa application must enumerate:

    • translator’s confirmation that the translated document(s) are an accurate account of the original non-English or Welsh documents
    • the date on which the translation has been done
    • full name and signatures of the translator

    Purpose of Visiting the UK

    For family visitor visa applicants may provide an invitation letter. The Sponsor Invitation Letter enumerates the details of accommodation and maintenance in the UK, without recourse to public funds. Accordingly, supporting documents for family visitor visa UK may include:

    • Invitation Letter by the UK Sponsor
    • Copy of the UK Sponsor’s British Passport or Residence Permit
    • Accommodation details in the UK such as Land Registry, Rental Agreement, Mortgage Deed, Hotel Booking
    • Bank Statements of the UK Sponsor to cover the trip cost and maintenance

    Address in the UK

    For address in the UK for the proposed trip, applicants need to provide any of the following supporting documents for tourist or family visit visa UK application:

    1. UK Sponsor Documents such as Land Registry, Mortgage Deed, Rental Agreement etc.
    2. Hotel booking confirmation
    3. Travel booking confirmation
    4. Travel agent’s confirmation

    Address in the Home Country for UK Visa

    For residential address in the home country, applicants need to provide any of the following supporting documents for tourist or family visit visa UK application:

    • Property Deed
    • Mortgage Statements
    • Tenancy Agreements
    • Land Registration Documents
    • Affidavit from the Family Member*

    *If the applicant is living with family (parents, siblings, or relatives) then needs to provide an affidavit from the family member with whom they are living.

    Confirmation of legal residence

    If an applicant is not a national of a country from which they are applying, then needs to provide evidence of legal residence. For instance, Pakistanis or Indians working in Dubai need to furnish UAE’s residence permit as evidence of legal residence.

    Proof of Bank Balance for UK Visa

    Financial documents such as bank statement indicates that applicant has sufficient funds for visiting the UK. For visiting family or close friends in the UK, applicants can use sponsor documents for maintenance funds. Accordingly, applicants can provide following supporting documents as proof of bank balance for tourist or family visitor visa UK:

    • Bank Statements 6 months
    • Bank Letter
    • Account Maintenance Certificate
    • Balance Certificate
    • Bank Book
    • Term Deposit Receipts (TDRs)
    • Any other evidence of financial savings

    Proof of Intent to Return Home UK Visa

    Paragraph V4.2(a) of Appendix V requires visitors to prove their genuine intentions to return home at the end of their visit. Therefore, it is important requirement to prove intent to return home for tourist or family visitor visa UK. Accordingly, proof of intent to return home for tourist or family visitor visa UK may include:

    • Evidence of Family Members Remaining in Your Home Country such as:
      • Marriage Certificate
      • Nikah Nama with English Translation
      • Children Birth Certificate
      • Family Form
      • Family Registration Form
    • Evidence of Assets
    • Employment Letter
    • Business Registration and Certificates issued by government or professional trade bodies

    Proof of Family Ties for UK Visa

    Evidence of family members remaining in your home country whilst you travel to UK is important for proving intent to return home. Accordingly, proof of family ties for UK visitor visa may include:

    • Marriage certificate
    • Certificate of Divorce or Death of a Partner
    • Children Birth Certificates
    • Family Registration Form
    • School Certificates
    • Affidavit of Guardianship

    Marriage certificate as evidence of family ties UK Visa

    If a person is travelling alone then marriage or civil partnership certificate is a satisfactory proof of family ties in the home country as this may help increase the balance of probabilities for the grant of a UK visa. If an unmarried applicant is applying for UK visit visa, then instead of family ties, may provide evidence of immovable assets, employment, or business to prove genuine intent to return to the Home Country.

    Parents travelling without children

    If parents are applying for tourist or family visitor visa UK without children, then the proof of intent to return home may include children birth certificates, family registration form and school certificates. If both parents are leaving children under 6-12 years in the home country, then needs to provide affidavit for the guardianship of the children. For instance, close relatives such as sibling may look after the children in their parents’ absence.

    Certificate of Divorce or Death of a Partner

    In terms of Paragraph 3.6(b) of Appendix V, applicants are liable to disclose material facts. Therefore, applicants should furnish information about divorce or death of a partner. And if available then also enclose a copy of the divorce or death certificate.

    Employment Evidence UK Visa

    To prove income and employment an applicant may provide following types of supporting documents for UK visa:

    • Employment Letter
    • Pay Slips – last 6 months
    • Bank Statements in which the salary is crediting – last 6 months
    • Income Tax Return – last 3 years
    • Income Tax Certificate
    • Appointment Letter
    • Promotion Letter
    • Evidence of Annual Bonus or Increment

    Please note, the evidence of employment for UK tourist or family visitor visa provides information about the source of funds for meeting trip expenses and establishing ties for proving intent to return to the home country.

    Proof of Business Documents UK Visa

    A self-employed businessperson, can provide following supporting document to prove their income and employment for UK visa application:

    • Business Registration Certificate
    • Sole Proprietorship Certificate from Bank or Government
    • Partnership Deed
    • Memorandum of Association in case of a private limited company
    • Business Bank Statements
    • Business Bank Account Maintenance Certificate
    • Tax Registration Certificate
    • Annual Income Tax Returns – last 3 Years
    • Import and Export License
    • Registration with the Local and National Business Chamber
    • Registration with Trade Bodies and Associations
    • License from Government such as Trade or Custom’s Licence etc.

    Please note, the evidence of self-employment (business) for UK tourist or family visitor visa provides information about the source of funds for meeting trip expenses and establishing ties for proving intent to return to the home country.

    Evidence of Assets UK Visa Supporting Documents

    The evidence of assets for UK visa application relates to immovable property such as residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural property, especially for property owners and agriculturalists, who are generating income from rents and agricultural produce. Accordingly, the UK visa supporting documents may include property deed, mutation, mortgage statements, accountant’s letters, and land registration to indicate ownership of immovable assets.

    Please note, the evidence of assets for UK tourist or family visitor visa provides information about the source of funds for meeting trip expenses and establishing ties for proving intent to return to the home country. The provision of clear and adequate information relating to the ownership of the property increases the balance of probabilities. If the evidence of assets is meaningless then it may reduce the chances of getting the UK visitor visa.

    Unnecessary UK Visa Supporting Documents

    There are certain supporting documents, which are not necessary as these are not good and direct evidence of the income and personal circumstances of an applicant. Therefore, it is quite unlikely that these supporting documents may have any positive impact on the decision. Accordingly, an applicant should not enclose these documents, unless is able to explain the relevance.

    Checklist of Supporting Documents Not Required for UK Visa

    1. multiple copies of the same document- if applicants are applying as a family/group
    2. bank statements or letters issued more than one (1) year before the date of application
    3. notarial certificates
    4. photographs
    5. business cards
    6. driving licence
    7. photocopies of bank cards such as Debit and Credit Cards
    8. credit card statements
    9. documents relating to leisure activities
    10. evidence of car ownership
    11. travel insurance
    12. sponsor’s utility bills
    13. sponsor’s council tax bills
    14. educational certificates (unless specifically listed/required)
    15. medical reports such as TB Test