Spouse Visa English Requirement

English Language Requirement for Spouse Visa

This relates to Spouse Visa English Requirement in the light of Appendix FM for Family Members of the Immigration Rules. For the initial 30 months application as a spouse/partner of UK Sponsor an applicant needs to demonstrate a minimum English Language proficiency level of A1 and for subsequent 30 months leave to remain application the required level of English Language is A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The requirement attracts a number of exemptions relating to age, disability, exceptional circumstances. Moreover, a National of Majority English Speaking Country and an applicant who has a degree taught in English are also exempt from spouse visa English Test requirement.

Spouse Visa Accommodation Requirements | Checklist Spouse Visa UK

Spouse Visa Adequate Accommodation Appendix FM

This relates to Spouse Visa Accommodation Requirements as an applicant is required to provide documents relating to accommodation in the UK with the spouse visa application. Please note: applicants are not required to make any payments for accommodation until they receive a decision on their spouse visa application. In terms of Paragraph E-ECP.3.4 of the Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules, an applicant is required to furnish proof of adequate accommodation in the UK, which is either owned or occupied exclusively by the applicant or the sponsor with the entry clearance application for the spouse visa from outside the UK. The accommodation should neither be overcrowded nor contravene public health regulations. Accordingly, the three requirements that an accommodation needs to fulfil are: Exclusive ownership or occupation, Adequate and not overcrowded; and Compliance with public health regulations.

Judicial Review Procedure Immigration Cases

How Long Does a Judicial Review Take?

This relates to Judicial Review Procedure Immigration Cases and provides the details of the steps involved in filing a judicial review for UK Visa and Immigration Refusals and 10 Year Ban decisions such as visit visa refusal, family visit visa refusal, Tier 1 Entrepreneur Refusals and bans. A judicial review application is made to either the High Court or the Upper Tribunal. It is a remedy of the last resort because it can only be used where there is no adequate alternative available. In terms of Part 54 of Judicial Review and Statutory Review, Civil Procedure Rules, it is essential that a claim must be filed/lodged as soon as possible and in any event, within 3 months of the decision that is being challenged. Since a judicial review consists of a series of steps viz. Pre-action Protocol (PEP), lodging judicial review, Acknowledgement of Service, A Decision “on the papers”, Oral Hearing, Reconsideration Hearing, Negotiations and Settlement, Main Hearing and Appeal, therefore, it usually takes 6-8 months before a final decision is reached.

Business Visitor Visa UK Requirements | C Visit Business Visa UK

UK Business Visitor Visa Rules

Since the UK is one of the leading economic centres, therefore, business people around the globe visit the UK for attending conferences or meetings, arranging deals, negotiating or signing trade contracts or agreements, checking details or goods, undertaking fact-finding missions, or conducting on-site visits and promotional activities. Moreover, apart from the aforesaid general business activities, there are a host of Corporate and Sector Specific permitted business activities allowed under the Immigration Rules. Apart from specifying a clear purpose of visiting the UK, a business visa applicant needs to prove that he/she has ample funds to support himself/herself during the trip, intends to leave the United Kingdom at the end of the visit and can meet the costs of his/her return or onward journey.

UK Visa Fee India 2018 for Spouse, Tourist, Work in Indian Rupees

UK Visa Fees in Indian Rupees 2018

This relates to UK Visa Fee India 2018 as per the Home Office announcement on March 16, 2018, for revision of the  Immigration and Nationality Charges 2018/19, effective from April 6, 2018. Accordingly, the post provides the details of UK visa fee in Indian Rupees for the visitor, student, spouse settlement and work visas for entry clearance applications from India. UK…

UK Visa Egypt Application: Fee, Processing Time, Refusal, Appeal

Grants of UK Visas to Egyptian Nationals

According to Official Statistics, during 2017, 43,169 entry clearance applications were made by Egyptian Nationals. 33,424 UK visas (inclusive of 27,702 Visa for Egyptian to Visit UK) were granted and 9,745 applications were refused. Therefore, the UK Visa Refusal Rate from Egypt during 2017 was 22.57%. Here it is relevant to note that during 2005-17, cumulatively 506,600 entry clearance applications were made by Egyptian Nationals. 430,604 UK visas were granted, and 75,996 applications were refused. The overall UK Visa Refusal Rate from Egypt during 2005-17 was 15.00%. This indicates that UK Visa Refusal Rate during 2017 (i.e. 22.57%) is substantially higher than that the 14-year average of 15%.

UK Visit Visa Fee from Pakistan 2018 | Price in Pakistani Rupees

UK Visit Visa Fee from Pakistan 2018

This relates to UK visa fees in Pakistani rupees 2018.  In terms with the announcement of the Home Office dated March 16, 2018, UK visa fee from Pakistan 2018 has been revised from April 6, 2018. The post provides the details of UK Visit, Spouse, Student, Work Visa Fee from Pakistan. See also UK Visa Pakistan Refusal Rate and UK Visa Timeline Pakistan. Please…

Form FLR(IR) – Applications for Extension of Stay in the UK

Form FLR(IR) and Guidance Notes

This relates to Form FLR(IR) for an extension of stay in the UK and FLR(IR) Guidance Notes. Please note: Form FLR(IR) covers different routes for the extension of stay in the UK, some of which, prior to Dec 1, 2016, were covered by Form FLR(O). It is important to note that the applicants need to apply for the extension before the end of their permitted stay in the UK. Please note: Form FLR(IR) is to be used for any Leave to Remain application under the Immigration Rules that is not covered by another form.

Genuineness Test Tier 2 Visa UK | Add’l Documents & Interview

Genuineness Test Tier 2 Visa UK

Since many applicants are confused about the Tier 2 Visa Application Assessment Procedure, especially whether an interview is required during the assessment process. Therefore, this post relates to Genuineness Test Tier 2 Visa UK and explains the details of why additional documents and interview may be required for assessing a Tier 2 Visa Application, how a Tier 2 Genuineness Test is conducted and what is required to be established for the grant of a Tier 2 Visa. Calling for an interview is an executive prerogative of the Immigration Officer, usually an ECO, for any type of visa application if the Entry Clearance Officer is not able to decide an application on the documentary evidence submitted with the application. And one needs to attend the interview, failing to do without a cogent reason attracts a Refusal under Paragraph 320(7D) of the Immigration Rules and Paragraph V 3.12(b)(i) of Appendix V for a visitor visa application.