Business Visitor Visa UK Requirements | UK C Visit Business Visa

This relates to Business Visitor Visa UK Requirements | UK C Visit Business VisaUK C Visit Business Visa and provides the details of UK Business Visitor Visa Requirements for applications from outside the UK. In the light of Appendix V of the Immigration Rules, the post provides information relating to visiting the UK for a business purpose.

UK Business Visitor Visa Rules | UK C Visit Business Visa

In terms of Immigration Rules Appendix V for Visitor, a Standard Visitor Visa is required to apply for visiting the UK for a business purpose.


Since the UK is one of the leading economic centres, therefore, business people around the globe visit the UK for attending conferences or meetings, arranging deals, negotiating or signing trade contracts or agreements, checking details or goods, undertaking fact-finding missions, or conducting on-site visits and promotional activities. Moreover, apart from the aforesaid general business activities, there are a host of Corporate and Sector Specific permitted business activities allowed under the Immigration Rules.

UK Business Visitor Visa Documents

Apart from specifying a clear purpose of visiting the UK, a business visa applicant needs to prove that he/she:

  • has ample funds to support himself/herself during the trip;
  • intends to leave the United Kingdom at the end of the visit;
  • can meet the costs of his/her return or onward journey;

It is mandatory to provide the following documents, especially the travel document such as a valid passport, to support the application:

  • Valid passport or travel document;
  • Previous passports, if available;
  • One recent photo as per UKVI’s guidelines, this is no longer required at most of the UKVAC;
  • If an applicant is applying from outside the Home Country, for instance, an Indian Citizen applying from Dubai, then proof of applicant’s permission to be in the country where he/she is applying such as a permanent residence card or vignette.

Moreover, in order to establish the purpose of visiting the UK and establishing personal bonafide an applicant, a business visa applicant is required to furnish documents relating to:

  • Purpose of Visiting UK such as attending a conference or business meeting;
  • Evidence of Employment
    • If the applicant is employed then Letter from Employer approving leave for a specified period. The letter should include details of employment such as duration, position, salary etc. and should also provide detail when the person is expected to resume work. This should be supplemented by Pay Slips, Tax Returns, bank statements in which the salary is credited.
    • If the applicant is self-employed then evidence of business activities, business bank statements, tax returns etc.
  • Evidence of Finances and Bank Statements usually for the preceding six months and proof of savings;
  • Sponsor Documents such as Invitation Letter or Confirmation from the UK company, business, or establishment, Accommodation Details such as Hotel Booking, Travel Plans etc.;
  • Evidence of Family Members Remaining in Home Country such as Marriage Certificate, Family Registration Document;
  • Proof of Ties to the Home Country such as ownership of immovable property.

For further details refer to supporting documents.

Frequency of Visits

In terms of Paragraph V 1.6 of Appendix V, a business visitor may enter the United Kingdom on multiple occasions during the validity period of the visa.

V 1.6 Within the period for which the visit visa is valid, a visitor may enter and leave the UK multiple times, unless the visit visa is endorsed as a single- or dual-entry visa.

Visiting UK as a Tourist with Visa C-Visit-Business

Yes, it is possible to visit the UK as a Tourist on UK C Visit Business Visa, as tourism is a stated purpose of a Standard Visitor Visa.

Long Lerm Multiple Entry Business Visitor Visa UK

For travelling to the UK regularly for a business purpose, an applicant may consider applying for a long-term multiple entry business visitor visa UK for 2, 5 and 10 years.

The benefit of applying a long-term visa is that one only needs to make one visa application and provide biometric data once for the duration of the visa. One can undertake multiple visits to the United Kingdom during the validity of the visa; however, as stated above, one can’t stay for longer than 180 days in any 12 months period.

However, for getting a long-term visa, one needs to provide a credible reason to frequently visit the UK, necessary evidence to establish the stability of circumstances. Travel history is also an important consideration for granting a long-term visitor visa.

Please note: like any other visa application, the visa fee is not refundable i.e. if an immigration officer decides to issue a visa for a shorter duration than the requested or altogether refuse the application, then the visa fee is not refunded.

UK Business Visitor Visa Duration

The maximum duration allowed per visit is 180 days, therefore, an applicant needs to demonstrate that he/she only intends to visit the UK for a short period – not more than 180 days.

UK Multiple Entry Visa 180 Days

In terms of Paragraph 9(i) of the Immigration Rules, the time limit and conditions could be as per the endorsement of the Immigration Officer on the passport or travel document.

Immigration Rules Part 1: Leave to Enter or Stay in the UK

9. The time limit and any conditions attached will be made known to the person concerned either:
(i) by written notice given to him or endorsed by the Immigration Officer in his passport or travel document; or
(ii) in any other manner permitted by the Immigration (Leave to Enter and Remain) Order 2000.

Since most of the time the Immigration Officer follows UK multiple entry visa rules relating to visitor visa time limit and conditions as per Paragraph 9(ii) by following Section 4 of Immigration (Leave to Enter and Remain) Order 2000, therefore, on the visitor visa vignette usually mentions MULT for the Number of Entries and 180 (days) for Duration of Stay. However, in terms of Paragraph 9(i), the Immigration Officer can endorse Single Entry Visa UK have a Duration of Stay either for 180 days or less- for instance 15, 30, 60, 90 days.


An applicant applies for a 2-year multiple entry visa UK for frequently visiting the UK as a business visitor. During the assessment process Immigration Officer can make any of the following decisions:

  • Grant a UK C Visit Business Visa with a validity of 2-years for Multiple Number of Entries with Duration of Stay of 180 days;
  • Grant a UK C Visit Business Visa with a validity of 6 months for Multiple Number of Entries with Duration of Stay of 180 days- if the ECO is not clear about the need of visiting the UK beyond a foreseeable future i.e. six months;
  • Grant a UK C Visit Business Visa with a validity of 6 months or less Single Entry Visa UK with a Duration of Stay for 180 days or less- if the ECO is not satisfied with the purpose of frequently visiting the UK;
  • Refuse the application.

The Immigration (Leave to Enter and Remain) Order 2000

Extent to which Entry Clearance is to be Leave to Enter
4.—(1) A visit visa, during its period of validity, shall have effect as leave to enter the United Kingdom on an unlimited number of occasions, in accordance with paragraph (2).

(2) On each occasion the holder arrives in the United Kingdom, he shall be treated for the purposes of the Immigration Acts as having been granted, before arrival, leave to enter the United Kingdom for a limited period beginning on the date of arrival, being:

a) six months if six months or more remain of the visa’s period of validity; or
(b) the visa’s remaining period of validity, if less than six months.

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