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1. Introduction to UK Spouse Visa Extension

Extending your UK spouse visa is a critical step in maintaining legal status in the United Kingdom and continuing your life with your partner.

Between 2008 and 2017, there were 272,858 decisions made under the partner visa route, including leave to remain, extensions, and switching. 246,066 grants were made to partners and their dependents, while 26,792 applications were refused. The overall refusal rate during this period was 9.82%. The refusal rate for main applicants was 9.74% and for dependents was 10.91%. Notably, refusal rates have been decreasing in recent years, reaching their lowest point in 2017, with 4.96% for main applicants and 8.28% for dependents.

Requirements for UK Spouse Visa Extension

Requirement CategoryDetails and Additional Requirements
Relationship and Immigration StatusMust be in a genuine, subsisting relationship with a UK partner (British citizen, settled person, refugee, or with humanitarian protection), and living together in the UK. The relationship must be legally recognized in the UK (marriage, civil partnership, or a relationship akin to marriage or civil partnership for at least two years).
Financial RequirementThe minimum income threshold is £18,600 per year. For each dependent child, the threshold increases by £3,800 for the first child and £2,400 for each additional child. This can be met through various sources like employment, self-employment, savings, pensions, or certain benefits. Exceptions apply for those receiving disability-related benefits or carer’s allowance.
English Language RequirementPass an approved English test at CEFR level A2 or higher. Exemptions for nationals of majority English-speaking countries, certain degree holders, seniors over 65, or those with specific conditions.
Accommodation RequirementAdequate and appropriate accommodation without overcrowding or reliance on public housing. Evidence may include ownership documents, rental agreements, or letters from property owners.
Immigration Status of UK PartnerThe UK partner must not be subject to immigration control and should either be a British Citizen, settled in the UK (with ILR, settled status, or proof of permanent residence), or have refugee status or humanitarian protection.
Genuine and Subsisting RelationshipEvidence to prove that the relationship is genuine and ongoing. This can include joint commitments like leases, bills, bank statements, and correspondence addressed to both partners.
Absences from the UKBoth partners should not have had excessive absences from the UK during the period of leave. Exceptions may apply for employment, serious illness, study, or compelling compassionate reasons.
Suitability RequirementsApplicants must not fall for refusal under the general grounds for refusal as per the Immigration Rules, such as criminal record or breach of immigration laws.
Requirements for UK Spouse Visa Extension

5-Year and 10-Year Routes: Understanding the Differences

  • Ideal for those meeting the financial, English language, and relationship requirements.
  • Leads to eligibility for ILR after five years.
  • For individuals unable to meet the 5-year route requirements, often due to exceptional circumstances.
  • Involves extending the visa in 2.5-year increments and requires 10 years of continuous residence for ILR eligibility.


Applying for a UK Spouse Visa extension involves careful adherence to specific eligibility criteria and requirements. By meticulously preparing your application and understanding the nuances of the 5-year and 10-year routes, you can enhance your chances of a successful extension, ensuring your continued legal residence in the UK with your partner.

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    2. Required Documents for UK Spouse Visa Extension

    Organizing the necessary documentation is a pivotal aspect of your UK Spouse Visa extension application. Below, we have detailed the types of documents you will need to gather:

    Document TypeDetails
    Marriage/Civil Partnership CertificateIf married or in a civil partnership, provide the official certificate.
    Joint Financial DocumentsJoint bank statements, utility bills, tenancy agreements, etc., demonstrating financial cohabitation.
    Evidence of CohabitationFor durable relationships, proof of living together for at least two years (bills, lease agreements, etc.).
    Income EvidencePayslips, bank statements, P60s, tax returns, or proof of self-employment income.
    SavingsBank statements showing required savings held for at least six months.
    Benefit EvidenceIf applicable, documents showing disability benefits or carer’s allowance received by your partner.
    Required Documents for UK Spouse Visa Extension 2024: Proof of Relationship and Financial Stability
    Document TypeDetails
    English Language Test CertificateAn approved English language test certificate at CEFR level A2 or higher, or exemption evidence.
    Accommodation EvidenceProperty ownership or rental agreements, letter from property owner, housing inspection report if available.
    Children’s DocumentsBirth certificates, passports, and evidence of meeting the financial requirement for dependent children.
    Required Documents for UK Spouse Visa Extension 2024: Language, Accommodation, and Children’s Details
    • Ensure all documents are properly organized and translated where necessary.
    • Adhere to the specific format and submission requirements to avoid delays or refusals in your visa application process.
    • For the most accurate and up-to-date information on required documents, consult the official UK government website or seek guidance from an immigration professional.

    Certainly, let’s refine and expand the UK Spouse Visa Extension application process using a combination of paragraphs and a two-column table for clarity and detailed guidance.

    3. UK Spouse Visa Extension Application Process

    Successfully navigating the UK Spouse Visa extension process requires understanding each step and careful preparation. Below is a guide on how to efficiently apply for your spouse visa extension:

    StepAction and Details
    When to Apply for ExtensionApply before your current visa expires, preferably 28 days before the expiry date, to avoid overstaying.
    Completing the FLR(M) Application FormComplete the online Form FLR(M) for ‘Further Leave to Remain’ as a partner. Ensure all information is accurate and aligns with your supporting documents.
    Biometric Information and AppointmentSchedule an appointment at a UKVCAS center to provide fingerprints and a digital photograph. Dependents must also provide their biometrics.
    Application Fees and NHS SurchargePay £1,048 for standard processing, £500 for optional priority service, and the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) – £624 per adult, £470 per child under 18 per year.
    Processing TimesStandard processing takes 8 weeks; priority service aims for 5 working days. Times vary based on case complexity and application volume.
    Key Steps in the Spouse Visa Application Process
    • Accuracy and Completeness: Double-check your application for accuracy and completeness. Inconsistencies or missing information can lead to delays or refusals.
    • Documentation: Prepare and organize all required documents in line with the guidelines. This includes financial evidence, proof of relationship, and language proficiency documents.
    • Health Surcharge: Ensure you accurately calculate and pay the correct IHS fee for each applicant, as it is a mandatory part of the application.
    • Biometrics Appointment: Attend your scheduled biometrics appointment on time, with all necessary identification.

    By following these steps and preparing your application thoroughly, you enhance your chances of a successful UK Spouse Visa extension. This process allows you to continue your life in the UK with minimal disruption, moving closer to long-term residency goals like Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

    4. Understanding Refusal Reasons and Next Steps

    Refusals in spouse visa extension applications can be addressed by understanding common pitfalls and adopting a strategic approach.

    Common Reasons for Refusals and Preventive Tips

    Reason for RefusalPreventive Measures and Tips
    Insufficient DocumentationEnsure all required documents are complete, up-to-date, and properly formatted.
    Failing the Financial RequirementMeet the minimum income threshold of £18,600 per year, providing solid evidence of financial stability.
    Inadequate AccommodationProvide proof of suitable accommodation for your family without overcrowding or dependency on public housing.
    Common Reasons for Refusals and Preventive Tips
    • Thoroughly understand eligibility criteria and requirements.
    • Accurately fill out the application form, ensuring consistency with supporting documents.
    • Consider consulting an immigration professional for a comprehensive application review.

    Addressing a Visa Extension Refusal

    If faced with a refusal, you have several options:

    OptionAction Steps
    Appeal and Administrative ReviewUnderstand your rights for appeal or administrative review based on the refusal notice.
    Reapplying for the ExtensionAddress the refusal reasons, gather additional evidence, and reapply. Be prepared to pay fees again.
    Responding to a Refusal

    Navigating through a refusal can be challenging, but meticulous attention to the refusal reasons can enhance your chances in subsequent applications.

    Conclusion: Navigating Towards a Successful Extension

    This comprehensive guide covers crucial aspects of the UK spouse visa extension process, including eligibility, documentation, and approaches to address refusals, guiding you towards Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

    • Stay informed about application requirements, fees, and processing times.
    • Complete the FLR(M) form accurately and submit all necessary documentation.
    • Diligently prepare to address any potential issues in your application.

    Good luck on your journey toward extending your UK spouse visa. With careful preparation and a thorough understanding of the process, you’re well-equipped to navigate this important step.

    5. Transitioning to Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

    Achieving Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) is a significant milestone, marking your right to live in the UK without time restrictions and building a permanent life with your partner.

    Eligibility for ILR5-Year Route: Apply for ILR after five years on a spouse visa.
    10-Year Route: Requires 10 years of continuous residence. In both routes, pass the Life in the UK test and meet the English language requirements.
    Required DocumentsInclude proof of relationship, financial stability, Life in the UK test results, and English language proficiency evidence.
    Application ProcessComplete the SET(M) form online, pay the application fee, and schedule a biometric information appointment to submit biometric data.
    Eligibility and Application Process for ILR

    Successfully obtaining ILR allows you to reside permanently in the UK. It’s crucial to understand the eligibility criteria and prepare for the application process well in advance. Ensure you have all the necessary documents and have met all the requirements, including passing the Life in the UK test and proving your English language proficiency.

    By meticulously planning your transition from a spouse visa extension to ILR, you can ensure a smooth process and continue to build a stable life with your partner in the UK.

    6. FAQs: UK Spouse Visa Extension Requirements 2024

    1. Can I work while my spouse visa extension application is being processed?

      Yes, you can continue to work while your spouse visa extension application is being processed, as long as you applied before your current visa expired. You’ll maintain the same immigration conditions until a decision is made on your application.

    2. Can I travel outside the UK while my spouse visa extension application is pending?

      It is generally advised not to travel outside the UK while your spouse visa extension application is pending. If you do, your application may be considered withdrawn, and you may need to reapply.

    3. How long can I stay in the UK if my spouse visa extension is granted?

      If your spouse visa extension is granted, you will usually be allowed to stay in the UK for an additional 2.5 years. After completing the required time on a spouse visa (5 or 10 years, depending on your route), you may become eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

    4. What happens if my relationship with my partner breaks down during my spouse visa extension?

      If your relationship with your partner breaks down during your spouse visa extension, you must inform the Home Office as soon as possible. Depending on your circumstances, your visa may be curtailed, and you may need to leave the UK or apply for a different type of visa.

    5. Can I switch from a spouse visa to a different type of visa while in the UK?

      In some cases, you may be eligible to switch from a spouse visa to a different type of visa while in the UK, such as a work or study visa. You’ll need to meet the eligibility requirements for the new visa category and follow the appropriate application process.

    This FAQ section provides quick and clear answers to common inquiries about the process and requirements for obtaining ILR after a UK Spouse Visa extension, helping readers to better understand and navigate this crucial transition. For further details on UK spouse visa extension requirements and possible refusal reasons, please refer Appendix FM: Immigration Rules.