Latest UK Visa Fees 2024 for Visit, Work, Student, Spouse

1. UK Visa Fees 2024: Comprehensive Overview

When planning a trip or relocation to the UK, it’s essential to understand the various visa application fees for 2024. This comprehensive guide provides an overview of the most common types of UK visas, including visitor, student, family, work, and other specific visa categories. Each visa type has distinct UK visa application fees depending on its purpose and duration, and additional services like expedited processing are available for an extra charge. Whether you’re visiting for leisure, studying, joining family, or working, this guide outlines the costs involved, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your application.

Common UK Visa Application Fees and Services for 2024

  • Standard Visitor Visa: Fees range from £115 for a short-term 6-month visa to £963 for a 10-year visa.
  • Student Visa: A standard fee of £490 applies, with priority services available for faster processing.
  • Family Visas: Including Spouse, Fiancé(e), and Parent of a British child visas, with fees starting at £1,846.
  • Work Visas: Skilled Worker and other work-related visas vary in cost depending on the visa type and duration.
  • Additional Services: Priority (£500) and Super Priority (£1,000) services expedite the processing time.
  • Other Visas and Services: Fees for specific categories like Right of Abode, Ancestry, and various administrative services.

Additional Notes: UK Visa Application Fees

  • Priority and Super Priority Services: These services are available for most visa categories, allowing for faster decision times at an additional cost.
  • Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS): Most visa categories require an additional health surcharge, providing access to the UK’s National Health Service during your stay.
  • Specific Circumstances: Certain visa types have unique fee structures and requirements, such as visas for diplomatic staff or exemptions for specific categories.

This section of the post aims to provide a clear and concise understanding of the UK visa fee structure for 2024, covering various visa types and associated services. It serves as a fundamental guide for anyone looking to apply for a UK visa, ensuring they are aware of the financial aspects of their application.

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    6 Months Visitor, Tourist, Spouse, IHS Fees UK Student Visa 2023
    UK Visa Fees 2024: Breakdown for Visitor, Student, Spouse, Skilled Worker & Priority Services.

    2. Visitor Visa Fees: Detailed Breakdown for 2024

    When planning a visit to the UK, understanding the visa fee structure is crucial. In 2024, the UK offers a variety of visitor visas, each with specific fees based on the visa’s duration and type. This detailed breakdown covers standard visitor visas, tourist visas, and other specialized categories, providing clear insights into the costs associated with each visa type. Whether it’s a short trip, a long-term visit, or a specific purpose like academic research or medical treatment, this guide ensures that applicants are fully informed about the fees required for their UK visit.

    Standard Visitor Visa Fee for UK 2024

    Visa Type and DurationApplication Fee (£)
    UK Visa Fee for 6 Months£115
    2 Years Visa Fee for UK£400
    UK 5 Years Visa Fee£771
    UK 10 Year Visitor Visa Cost£963
    Child Visitor Visa (6 Months, 2 Years, 5 Years, 10 Years)£115, £400, £771, £963
    UK Standard Visitor Visa Priority Service Fee (5 Working Days)£500
    Super-Priority Service Fee for Visitor Visa (Next Working Day)£1,000
    Standard Visitor Visa Fees for UK 2024

    Additional Notes:

    • Citizens from certain non-visa national countries, such as those in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, are exempt from needing a standard visitor visa for stays up to 180 days.
    • Standard processing time is approximately 3 weeks.

    UK Visitor Visa Fees with Priority Service (2024)

    The Priority Service accelerates the processing of your visa application. For an additional UK priority visa fee of £500, your application will be processed within 5 working days. Below is a breakdown of the total fees for different visa durations, including both the base application fee and the Priority Service fee.

    Visa Type & DurationTotal Fee (Base Application Fee + Priority Service Fee)
    6 Months£615 (£115 + £500)
    2 Years£900 (£400 + £500)
    5 Years£1,271 (£771 + £500)
    10 Years£1,463 (£963 + £500)
    Visitor Visa Application Cost with UK Priority Visa Fee (2024)

    UK Visitor Visa Fees with Super Priority Service (2024)

    The Super Priority Service offers even faster processing. By paying an additional £1,000, your application can be processed by the next working day. The table below illustrates the total cost for various visa durations when opting for the Super Priority Service.

    Visa Type & DurationTotal Fee (Base Application Fee + Super Priority Service Fee)
    6 Months£1,115 (£115 + £1,000)
    2 Years£1,400 (£400 + £1,000)
    5 Years£1,771 (£771 + £1,000)
    10 Years£1,963 (£963 + £1,000)
    UK Visitor Visa Fees with Super Priority Service (2024)

    UK Tourist Visa Fees 2024

    Visa Type and DurationApplication Fee (£)
    Tourist Visa (6 Months)£115
    Tourist Visa (2 Years)£400
    Tourist Visa (5 Years)£771
    Tourist Visa (10 Years)£963
    UK Tourist Visa Fees 2024


    • Proof of sufficient funds and intent to leave required.
    • Maximum stay: 180 days.
    • Processing time: ~3 weeks (subject to verification and workload).
    • Priority and Super Priority visa options are available to accelerate processing within 5 working days and by the next working day, respectively.

    Other Visit Visa Fee for UK 2024

    Visa Type and DetailsApplication Fee (£)
    Marriage Visitor Visa£115
    Private Medical Treatment Visa£200
    Visiting Academics£200
    Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE)£115
    Parent of Child Student Visa£637
    Transit Visas (Airside/Visitor in Transit)£35/£64
    Other Visit Visa Application Fees UK 2024


    • Marriage Visitor Visa: For individuals planning to marry or register a civil partnership in the UK. Duration: Up to 180 days.
    • Private Medical Treatment Visa: For those seeking private medical treatment in the UK for 6 to 11 months. Attendants must apply as standard visitors.
    • Visiting Academics: For academic professionals engaging in research or educational exchange for up to 12 months.
    • PPE: For individuals engaging in specific short-term paid tasks like lecturing or assessments, for up to 30 days.
    • Parent of Child Student Visa: For parents accompanying their children enrolled in fee-paying day schools in the UK, valid for 12 months.
    • Transit Visas: For those needing to stop over in the UK en route to another destination, either passing through the airport (Airside) or entering the UK (Visitor in Transit).

    These comprehensive fee details ensure that applicants for UK Visitor Visas in 2024 can plan and budget for their trips effectively, understanding all potential costs associated with their specific visa needs.

    3. Student Visa Fee for UK 2024: In-Depth Analysis

    Navigating the financial aspects of a UK Student Visa application is a key step in preparing for study in the UK. This section provides a comprehensive breakdown of the various fees associated with the UK Student Visa for 2024. Understanding these costs, including application fees, priority service charges, and health surcharges, is essential for students planning their educational journey in the UK.

    UK Student Visa Fees 2024

    The UK Student Visa caters to individuals looking to engage in a range of educational pursuits in the UK. To apply, students must provide a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from a UK institution, demonstrate English language proficiency (typically through an IELTS exam), and show financial capability for tuition and living expenses.

    UK Student Visa TypeApplication Fee (£)
    Student Visa (including Child Students and Dependents)£490
    UK Priority Visa Fees for Tier 4 Students£990
    Super-Priority Student Visa Fee£1,490
    IHS Fees for UK Student Visa 2024 – Immigration Health Charge (per year)£624
    Short-term Student (English Language) Visa (more than 6 months but not more than 11 months)£200
    UK Student Visa Fees 2024

    Additional Information:

    • Fees are effective from October 4, 2023.
    • Applicants for English language courses lasting 6 months or less may opt for a standard visitor visa.

    Priority and Super Priority Services for UK Student Visas

    To expedite the visa processing time, students can opt for Priority or Super Priority services. These services incur additional fees on top of the base application fee.

    Priority Visa Service (2024):

    Visa Type & DurationTotal Fee (Base Application Fee + Priority Service Fee)
    Student Visa£1,480 (£490 + £990)
    Priority Visa Service (2024)

    Super Priority Visa Service (2024):

    Visa Type & DurationTotal Fee (Base Application Fee + Super Priority Service Fee)
    Student Visa£1,980 (£490 + £1,490)
    Super Priority Visa Service (2024)

    Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) for UK Student Visa (2024):

    Students must also pay an Immigration Health Charge of £624 per year. This charge grants access to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) during their stay.

    Short-term English Language Student Visa (2024):

    For those pursuing English language courses exceeding 6 months but not more than 11 months, a specific visa category is available with a fee of £200.

    This comprehensive fee breakdown equips potential students with the necessary financial information for their UK Student Visa application in 2024, ensuring they are fully prepared for their educational journey in the UK.

    4. Family Visa Costs 2024: Settlement in the UK

    Understanding the costs associated with the UK Settlement Family Visa is crucial for individuals planning to join family members in the UK. This category includes various types of visas based on relationships such as spouses, dependents, and parents of British children. This section outlines the fees for these visas, along with additional charges for priority services and other related categories. By comprehending these fees, applicants can adequately prepare for their application process in 2024.

    Settlement Family Visa Fee for UK 2024

    The family route is tailored for those joining or accompanying family members who are settled in the UK or are British citizens. Applicants need to demonstrate a genuine relationship, financial stability, and meet English proficiency requirements. An Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) is also mandatory.

    Visa Type and DetailsApplication Fee (£)
    Spouse Visa UK (Standard)£1,846
    Dependent Joining or Accompanying£1,846
    Fiancé(e) Visa£1,846
    Parent of a British Child£1,846
    Adult Dependent Relative£3,250
    Returning Residents£637
    Route to Settlement (refugee dependent relative)£404
    Armed Forces Dependent Indefinite Leave£2,885
    Discharged Foreign/Commonwealth HM Forces Indefinite Leave£2,885
    UK Settlement Family Visa Fees 2024

    Priority Service for UK Spouse Visa (2024):

    The UK offers an optional Priority Service to expedite the processing of spouse visa applications. This service processes applications within 30 working days for an additional fee.

    Visa TypeTotal Fee (Standard Fee + Priority Service)
    Spouse Visa UK£2,346 (£1,846 + £500)
    Priority Service for UK Spouse Visa (2024):

    Additional Notes:

    • Fees are effective from October 4, 2023.
    • The EEA Family Permit has ended. Relatives of EEA nationals may consider the EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit.
    • The UK Settlement Family Visa encompasses various categories, each with specific eligibility criteria and fees.

    This comprehensive overview of the UK Settlement Family Visa costs in 2024 is designed to provide clarity and assist applicants in their financial planning for joining family members in the UK.

    5. Work Permit Fees 2024: UK Embassy Insights

    For those seeking employment opportunities in the UK, understanding the cost structure of work permits is vital. The UK offers a range of work visas in 2024, catering to skilled workers, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and more. Each visa category has specific fees, reflecting the diverse workforce the UK attracts. This section provides an in-depth breakdown of these fees, helping applicants prepare financially for their work visa applications.

    Skilled Worker Visa UK Cost 2024

    The Skilled Worker Visa, tailored for professionals sponsored by a UK employer, is a popular route for skilled individuals. This visa category offers pathways for both shorter and longer job contracts.

    Visa TypeApplication Fee (£)
    Skilled Worker Visa (up to 3 years)£719
    Skilled Worker Visa (over 3 years)£1,420
    Shortage Occupation (up to 3 years)£551
    Shortage Occupation (over 3 years)£1,084
    Priority Service FeeAn additional £500 for 1-week processing
    Super Priority Service FeeAn additional £1.000 for processing by end of the next working day
    Skilled Worker Visa UK Cost 2024

    Health and Care Visa Fees in 2024

    Health and Care visa is specifically designed for healthcare professionals, this visa offers reduced fees and faster decision times.

    Visa TypeApplication Fee (£)
    Health and Care Visa (up to 3 years)£284
    Health and Care Visa (over 3 years)£551
    Health and Care Visa Fees in 2024

    Priority Service Fee: An additional £500 for 1-week processing.

    Global Business Mobility Visa Fees UK

    Visa TypeApplication Fee (£)
    Senior or Specialist Worker (up to 3 years)£719
    Senior or Specialist Worker (over 3 years)£1,420
    Graduate Trainee£298
    UK Expansion Worker£298
    Service Supplier£298
    Secondment Worker£298
    Global Business Mobility Visa Fees UK

    Other Work and Business Visas:

    Visa TypeApplication Fee (£)
    Start-Up Visa£435
    Innovator Visa£1,191
    Investor Visa£1,884
    High Potential Individual (HPI) Visa£822
    Scale-Up Visa£822
    Global Talent Visa£524 (initial application),
    £192 (Main Applicant with Approval Letter) or
    £716 (Main Applicant without Approval Letter and for Dependents)
    T2 Minister of Religion Visa£719
    International Sportsperson Visa£298 (up to 12 months)
    £719 (over 12 months)
    T5 (Temporary Worker) Visa£298
    Other Work and Business Visas

    Miscellaneous Work Visa Fees:

    Visa TypeApplication Fee (£)
    Graduate Entrepreneur (Dependents Only)£435
    Tier 1 Exceptional Talent (Dependents Only)£716
    Offshore Worker£637
    Overseas Domestic Worker in a Private Household£637
    Representative of an Overseas Business and Dependents£719
    Employee of an Overseas Newspaper, News Agency, or Broadcasting Organization£719
    Sheep Shearer£637
    Miscellaneous Work Visa Fees

    This comprehensive guide to UK work permit fees in 2024 helps applicants understand the financial requirements for their specific visa category, ensuring they are well-prepared for their journey to the UK for employment purposes.

    6. Other Visas & Services: UK Priority Visa Fees 2024

    When it comes to navigating the varied landscape of UK visa fees in 2024, there are several other visa categories and services to consider. This section outlines the costs associated with miscellaneous visas, services, and administrative functions, offering a comprehensive view for those planning to apply for UK visas or utilize related services.

    Miscellaneous Visas and Service Fees

    Visa/Service TypeUK Visa Fees 2024 (£)
    Single-entry Visa (to replace BRP)£154
    Transfer of Conditions (Vignette Transfer)£154
    Certificate of Entitlement – Right of Abode (outside UK)£404
    Miscellaneous Visa£637
    Right of Abode – Certificate of Entitlement£372
    Registered Traveller (UK only) – Adult£50
    Registered Traveller (UK only) – Child£24
    Registration of New Documents – Registered Traveller£20
    Handling Applications for Commonwealth/Overseas Territories£141
    Dependents of Exempt International Forces (Appendix Armed Forces)£637
    Hong Kong British National (Overseas) 30 Months£180
    Hong Kong British National (Overseas) 5 Years£250
    Consular Officer Call-Out/Out-of-Hours Fee£142
    Document Preparation and Forwarding (Consular Functions)£141
    Administrative Review£80
    Miscellaneous Visas and Service Fees

    Priority and Super Priority Visa Services

    Service TypeUK Visa Fees 2024 (£)
    Priority Visa Fee (Settlement)£500
    Priority Visa Fee (Non-Settlement)£500
    Super Priority Visa Service£1,000
    User Pays Visa Application Service£76.50
    Priority and Super Priority Visa Services

    Additional Services

    Service TypeUK Visa Fees 2024 (£)
    Immigration Officer (Premium Service)£77.40 per hour
    International Contact Centre – Email Service£2.74 per query
    International Contact Centre – Telephone Helpline£0.69 per minute
    Additional Services

    Exemptions and Special Considerations

    Certain categories are exempt from fees or have special considerations, such as:

    • FCO Strategic Performance Fund and bilateral projects.
    • HM Forces personnel or members of foreign armed forces exempt from immigration control.
    • Diplomatic postings to the UK, including main applicants and dependents.
    • Members of international organizations on official visits.
    • Official visits or transit by certain individuals.

    This extensive list of UK visa fees for 2024 aims to provide clarity on the costs involved for a wide array of visas and services, helping applicants plan their applications and related services with a clear understanding of the financial implications.

    7. FAQs: Navigating UK Visa Fees

    1. What are the fees for a standard UK Visitor Visa in 2024?

      The fee for a 6-month UK Visitor Visa is £115, while 2-year, 5-year, and 10-year visas cost £400, £771, and £963, respectively.

    2. Can I expedite my UK visa application?

      Yes, Priority Service (£500) and Super Priority Service (£1,000) are available for faster processing times.

    3. What are the fees for a UK Student Visa in 2024?

      The application fee for a UK Student Visa, including Child Students and Dependents, is £490.

    4. How much does a UK Spouse Visa cost?

      The standard application fee for a UK Spouse Visa is £1,846.

    5. What are the fees for UK work permits in 2024?

      Fees vary by visa type, with Skilled Worker Visas costing between £719 and £1,420, depending on the duration.

    6. Are there any additional fees for healthcare services?

      Yes, the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) is £624 per year for most visa types.

    7. How much does a Super Priority Visa Service cost?

      The Super Priority Visa Service fee is £1,000, allowing processing by the next working day.

    8. What does a UK Tourist Visa cost in 2024?

      A UK Tourist Visa for 6 months costs £115, with longer durations varying up to £963 for a 10-year visa.

    9. Is there a fee for the Right of Abode certificate?

      Yes, the fee for a Certificate of Entitlement to the Right of Abode is £372.

    10. Can I get a refund if my UK visa application is denied?

      Visa application fees are generally non-refundable, even if the application is denied.

    11. What are the costs associated with miscellaneous UK visas?

      Miscellaneous visa fees can range from £154 for a single-entry visa to replace a BRP to £637 for various specific visa categories.

    12. Are there exemptions to UK visa fees?

      Yes, certain categories like diplomatic postings or members of international organizations on official visits may be exempt.

    This FAQ section aims to address common queries about UK visa fees in 2024, helping applicants understand the financial requirements for their visa applications. For more information about application charges, explore UK Government Visa Regulations.