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Appeal Against UK Spouse and Settlement Visa Refusal, EEA Family Permit Refusals and Other Appealable Refusal Decisions- Best UK Visa Appeal Lawyers London

Immigration Appeal Success Rate and Tribunal Decisions 2010-18

Immigration Appeal UK | First Tier Tribunal Immigration Decisions

This relates to UK immigration appeal success rate and immigration appeal tribunal decisions from 2010 to Q3 2018. Accordingly, the post covers the statistics relating to first-tier tribunal immigration decisions and upper tribunal immigration appeal decisions. Immigration Appeal Success Rate is 50% during 2017-18 According to official statistics, immigration appeal success rate was 50 per cent during 2017/18, which…

UK Immigration Appeal Waiting Time 2018 | First Tier Tribunal

First Tier Tribunal Immigration Appeal Time 2018

This relates to UK Immigration Appeal Waiting Time 2018 First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber).  Moreover, the appeal waiting times are for Asylum/Protection  (including Asylum, Protection and Revocation of Protection), Managed Migration, Entry Clearance Officer (such as spouse visa appeal timeline 2018), Family Visit Visa,  Human Rights, EEA Free Movement, Deportation and Deprivation of Citizenship appeals. If your past application has been…

Appeal Against Entry Clearance Refusal | Spouse Visa Appeal Form

Appeal Against ECO Decision on IAFT 2 or IAFT 6 Appeal Form

This relates to appeal against entry clearance refusal i.e. appeal against ECO decision. Usually, caseworker encloses appeal against entry clearance refusal form with the Refusal Letter for an application with a right of appeal. Moreover, these include an appeal for spouse visa, EEA, human rights and asylum claim from outside the UK. The post provides the…

Appeal against an in country decision on IAFT 5 & Removal Appeals

Appeal against Non-ECO decision from Outside the UK

This relates to File Immigration Appeal Against an In-Country Decision. An appellant can file immigration appeal online. An in-country immigration appeal can file against asylum, protection, human rights claim, deprivation of British citizenship. Form IAFT 1 Appeal Form is for exercising a suspensive right of appeal against an in-country decision made before April 6, 2015. However,  IAFT 5…

UK Visa Appeal Solicitors to Challenge Immigration Refusals

UK Visa Appeal Solicitors

This relates to how UK visa appeal solicitors can help challenge UK immigration refusal decisions successfully? If a UK Visa Application is refused, then one can either challenge the refusal decision or reapply with the requisite supporting evidence. Accordingly, depending on the type of application, one can challenge the refusal decision through an immigration appeal, administrative…

Appeal against First Tier Tribunal Decision on IAFT 4 Appeal Form

First Tier Tribunal Appeal Refused- What to do Next?

This relates to appeal against First Tier Tribunal Decision. It is mandatory that an appellant must apply to the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) for permission to appeal before making an application or appeal to the Upper Tribunal. If the permission is granted by First Tier Tribunal then an appeal can be lodged with…

British Citizenship Refusal Rate

British Citizenship Application Refused

This relates to British Citizenship Refusal Rate during 2004 to 2016, which indicates that the Refusal Rate was highest in 2005 (9.33%) and lowest in 2013 (3.38%). On an average, during the period (2004-16), the Refusal Rate was 6.18%. During 2016 a total of 162,729 Decisions were made on the British Citizenship Applications submitted for the consideration of Her Majesty’s Home Office. 149,421 Decisions Taken to Grant British Citizenship, as many as 13,308 applications were Refused. Accordingly, during 2016 the British Citizenship Refusal Rate was 8.18%.

British Citizenship Reasons for Rejection

British Citizenship Applications Reasons for Rejection

This relates to the details of the reasons for the refusal of applications for British Citizenship during 2002-16 in light of the empirical evidence. From 2002 to 2016, cumulatively, 145,974 applications for British Citizenship were refused. British Citizenship Application Refusal Reasons 2002-2016 On a year to year basis, 6,927, 8,976, 12,118, 14,531, 13,610, 14,723, 8,734, 9,902, 7,593,…

TOEIC Test Court Decision: Update for Victims & Affected Students

An In-Country Right of Appeal for Accusers of TOEIC Cheating

This relates to TOEIC Case Update 2017 and highlights the details and implications of the TOEIC Test Court Decision 2017, Ahsan v Secretary of State, on Dec 05, 2017. This affects more than 45,000-50,000 TOEIC Victims, who now can challenge their deportation orders and refusal decisions so as not only to re-enter the UK but also to get compensation…

UK Immigration Appeal Process for Filing Appeal Against Refusal

Appeal Against a Visa or Immigration Decision UK 

The relates to UK Immigration Appeal Process for appeal against a visa or immigration decision UK under Section 82 of the Nationality Immigration and Asylum Act 2002. Section 82 provides the details of Right of appeal against a visa or immigration decision UK. The refusal decision may relate to entry clearance and leave to enter the UK, spouse visa,…