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Since UK Visit Visa Applications are mainly decided on the principle of balance of probability, the onus of proof is on the Applicant to prove that he is a genuine visitor. Therefore, for maximising chances of success in Standard Visitor Visa Applications as a Business Visitor, Family Visitor, Tourist Visitor or a visitor for medical reasons, the Applicants are required to submit a well-documented Visa Application which will qualify under paragraph V3 of the Immigration Rules which governs Standard Visit Visas

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It has been noticed that a number of well-deserving high-net-worth individuals such as business persons and landlords have not been able to get a UK Visitor Visa mainly due to their inability to submit their UK Visa Applications in a befitting manner which would fall within the scope of the Rules. In order for the application to be successful, Entry Clearance Officers are looking for concrete documentation which will prove the genuineness of the Applicant in respect of his circumstances including his occupation and role in the home country and their connections to that country. In addition, the Entry Clearance Office should be convinced of the reasons for the Applicant’s entry to the UK and his intention to return to the home country at the end of that visit. 

Therefore, professional and case specific UK Visa Application Documentation and Representation Services are recommended for Businesspersons, Landlords and High-Value-Individuals as well as people genuinely seeking to visit the UK for holiday purposes, who otherwise have a good travel history, but their UK Visitor Visa Application has been refused either on one or more occasion. This also includes individuals who had been granted a visa to enter the UK and who had visited the UK in the past.

If you are intending to submit your UK Visa Application and would like to discuss your case, and chances relating to that visa application, please leave your details with a UK Visa Advisor for a professional guidance and case processing.

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