UK Visa Timelines for applications, ILR, appeals, judicial review

UK Visa Appeal Processing TimeSince some inquiries are interested in knowing the UK Visa Timelines for all types of settlement and non-settlement visa applications from outside and inside the UK. Moreover, if their visa application is refused then applicants are interested in knowing the time period for appeals, administrative review and judicial review. Therefore, this post highlights the details of Non-Settlement Visa Processing Time from Outside the UK, Settlement (Spouse) Visa Processing Time from Outside the UK, ILR and Temporary Visa Processing Time from Inside the UK, and UK Visa Appeals, Administrative, Judicial Review Processing Time. Please note that this post only intends to facilitate the understanding of a general inquiry. The UK visa application processing time may vary from time to time depending on the nature of the application and the administrative workload/consideration of UKVI.

UK Visa Timelines for ILR, Spouse, Settlement from Inside the UK

The applications for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) submitted inside the UK are processed with six (6) months. Moreover, applications for leave to remain on a temporary basis including as dependants, spouses, Tier 2, workers, Tier 1 general, entrepreneurs, investors, Tier 4, students and organizations/employers seeking to sponsor a worker, are processed within eight (8) weeks.

UK Visa Appeals, Administrative, Judicial Review Timelines

Administrative Review (AR) is lodged at the Post (i.e. Embassy) and either an ECO or an ECM is the decision maker. However, Judicial Review (JR) applications and Appeals are lodged inside the UK.

After filing the AR request, the relevant decision-maker body may take up to 28 working days to make a decision.

UK Visa Appeal and Judicial Review Processing Time

Judicial Review (JR) applications and Appeals usually takes 6-12 months to complete and sometimes more depending on the time schedule of the Court. These applications eventually go before a Judge whereby a decision is made by the Judge.

Non-Settlement Visa Processing Time from Outside the UK

According to published service standards of UKVI, ninety per cent (90%) of Non-Settlement (such as UK Family, Tourist, Business Visitor Visa, PBS Tier 1 Entrepreneur, Tier 2 Work Permit, Tier 4 Student and Tier 5 Temporary Worker) Visa Applications from outside the UK are processed within fifteen (15) working days or three (3) weeks. As many as ninety-eight per cent (98%) visa applications are processed within thirty (30) working days or six (6) weeks. All (100%) of the Non-Settlement UK Visa Applications are processed within sixty (60) working days or twelve (12) weeks of the application date.

UK Visit, Family Tourist, Business Visa Processing Times

Information relating to UK Visit Visa Processing Times at India, KSA, UAE, Pakistan, Russia indicates that almost all the applications for Tourist, Family and Business visit visas are usually processed within 15 to 30 working days. Only a fraction of the applications experience processing delays beyond 30 working days. Therefore, by and large, UKVI is rigorously striving to meet its service standards. However, inevitably some applicants may face delays due to a host of reasons, as neither a refusal letter is issued, nor a visa is granted, without due consideration.

UK Entrepreneur Visa, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4 Timelines

Likewise, the other types of Non-Settlement UK Visa Applications such as PBS Tier 1 Entrepreneur, Investor, Tier 2 Work Permit, Tier 4 Student and Tier 5 Temporary Workers are also processed within the indicated service standards of UKVI.

Information relating to PBS Immigration, Work and Study at KSA, UAE, Pakistan, Russia reveals that a great majority of these applications are also processed within 15-30 working days, which is quite commendable and well within the established service standard of UKVI.

UK Settlement Visa Timelines from Outside the UK

According to the Service Standards of UKVI, ninety-five per cent (95%) of the UK Settlement Visa Applications submitted from outside the UK are processed within sixty (60) working day or twelve (12) weeks of the application date. Moreover, all the 100% applications for UK Settlement are processed within a hundred and twenty (120) days or twenty-four (24) weeks of the application date.

UK Visa Timelines for Settlement, Spouse Visa, EEA Family Permit

Information relating to UK Spouse Settlement and EEA Processing Times at KSA, UAE, Pakistan, Russia indicates that these types of applications usually get processed within 60-90 working days.


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