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Most noteworthy: the UK Visa Processing Time depends on the type of application and the user pay service. Accordingly, the UK visa processing time for non-settlement visa applications is usually 1-3 weeks. However, for processing time for entry clearance settlement visa application such as spouse visa application is much longer 60-120 days.

UK Visa Processing Time

Keeping in view the importance of UK Immigration Waiting Time, the category provides details relating to the following types of UK Visa Application:

  • Entry Clearance Applications from outside the UK such as Standard Visitor Visa Application, Spouse Settlement, Tier 1 Entrepreneur, EEA Family
  • Leave to Remain and ILR Applications from inside the UK
  • UK Immigration Appeals
  • Judicial Review Decision Time
  • uk spouse visa appeal waiting time

Furthermore, the category provides information about the possible reasons for delays in application processing. Likewise, informs about the proper usage of the priority service.

Finally, for case processing, you may contact Specialist UK Visa and Immigration Socilotors.

UK Immigration Appeal Waiting Time 2018 | First Tier Tribunal

First Tier Tribunal Immigration Appeal Time 2018

During January to March 2018, the UK Immigration Appeal Waiting Time 2018 from the receipt of an appeal to the hearing in the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and  Asylum Chamber) has been 37 weeks i.e. approx 9-10 months.
The immigration appeal processing time UK has improved in the first quarter of 2018 as the average waiting time has reduced from 45 weeks in 2017 to 37 weeks. This is due to the reduction in the caseload, which has nearly halved from 64,800 to 36,300 during June 2016 and March 2018 and further improvement is expected in the coming months.
According to the official statistics, the average visa appeal waiting time during 2015/16 and 2016/17 has been 34 and 46 weeks, respectively. Therefore, there have been 12 weeks increase in the average appeal waiting time in 2016/17.

UK Priority Visa, Premium Service- How to Fast Track UK Visa?


From inside the UK, there are three services for expediting/fast-tracking the UK Visa Processing viz. Priority Service, Premium Service Centres and Super Premium Service.
The price of Priority service from inside the UK is £459 and the service standard is to process a straightforward application within 10 working days. It is available for applicants applying to remain on a temporary basis including as, Tier 1 General and Entrepreneurs, Spouses, Workers, Organisations seeking to Sponsor a Worker, and Students.
Premium or same day visa processing facility is available at Premium Service Centres for a fee of £590. This service can be used for extension applications (‘limited leave to remain’) and permanent settlement applications (ILR).
For applicants, who can afford, there is a Super Premium Service, which is a mobile service and costs £10,500 per visit, plus the premium service fee.

Tier 2 Priority Service Timeline | UK Priority Visa Fee


This relates to Tier 2 Priority Processing Times 2018 for in-country applications submitted for Tier 2 (General), Tier 2 (Minister of religion), Tier 2 (Sportsperson), and Tier 2 (Intra company transfer) Visas and covers the following details: Request for Inclusion in Tier 2 Priority Service; Tier 2 Visa Application Fee and UK Priority Visa Fee; Priority Service Vs. Standard…

UK Settlement Visa Processing Time | UK Spouse Visa Timelines

UK Spouse Visa Processing Time 2018 | UK Settlement Visa Timeline

The details for UK Settlement Visa Processing Time from a random sample of fifteen (15) UKVACs during the month of January 2018 indicates that 10% of the applications submitted in nearly all the UKVACs are concluded within 30 days; however, in quite a few instances 25-50% settlement applications are decided within 30 days. Therefore, the applicant has purchased priority service then there is a good likelihood that the application will be processed within 6 weeks (30 working days). Otherwise, most of the applications are processed within 60-90 days; however, a fraction of the applications are not concluded even within 120 days (24 weeks).

Long-Term Visitor Visa UK | Processing Time, Fee, Refusals

Long-Term Visitor Visa UK Processing Time 2018, Fee, Refusals

This relates to Long-Term Visit Visa UK Processing Time 2018 for 2, 5 and 10 years UK multiple entry visitor visas for frequently visiting the UK for permitted family, tourist, business and other activities, such as regular medical check-ups in the UK. Since 6-months visitor visas are most common and after issuance of six-month multiple…

UK Tourist Visa Processing Time After Biometrics 2018

UK Visa Processing Time After Interview | UK Visa from USA

This relates to UK visa processing time and provides information about UK Tourist Visa Processing Time 2018 for UK Standard Visa Application for less than six months for the purpose of tourism and sightseeing in the UK. The visa processing times, for long-term visa applications such as 2, 5 and 10 years for frequently visiting the UK as a tourist,…

UK Visit Visa Processing Time 2018- Family, Tourist, Business


This relates to UK Visit Visa Processing Time 2018 and evaluates the stated UKVI Service Standards for non-settlement visitor visa applications viz. Long-Term Visit Visa (more than 6 months),  General or Tourist Visit Visa (6 months or less), Business Visit Visa (6 months or less), Family Visit Visa (6 months or less) and  Other Visit Visa Applications (6…

UK Family Visitor Visa Processing Time 2018

UK Family Visitor Visa Processing Time

The details for UK Family Visitor Visa Processing Time from a random sample of twenty (20) UKVACs during the month of January 2018 indicates that usually most of the applications are processed within 15-30 working days i.e. 3 to 6 weeks. However, in some cases, the decision exceeds 30 days, but it is concluded within 60-90 days. Therefore, if one is making a family visitor visa application from outside the UK then he/she is not wrong in expecting a decision within 6 weeks or 30 working days or maybe earlier with 5-15 working days, especially if the applicant has purchased the priority service. SEE ALSO UK Visa Delay Reasons.

UK Visa Appeal Processing Time

Immigration Appeal Success Rate

Since some inquiries are interested in knowing the UK Visa Application Processing Time from outside and inside the UK. Moreover, if their visa application is refused then applicants are interested in knowing the time period for appeals, administrative review and judicial review. Therefore, this post highlights the details of Non-Settlement Visa Processing Time from Outside…