UK Visa Refusal Rate from Pakistan and Reasons for Refusal

This post relates to UK Visa Success Rate, Refusal Rate and Reasons for UK Visa Refusals for all types of UK Visa Applications i.e. Visit Visa, Immigration, Work, Settlement, EEA Family, Student, Applications- submitted by Pakistani Nationals from outside the UK. The information presented in this post has been collated from Immigration Statistic Quarterly Release of the Home Office, UK Government. The post covers the following topics:

UK Visa Refusal Rate from Pakistan During 2005-15

UK Visa Refusal Rate from Pakistan and Reasons for RefusalAs many as more than 1.74 million (i.e. 1,742,885) UK visa and immigration applications were made from Pakistan or Pakistani Nationals during 2005-2015.

The total visa granted during 2005-15 had been approx. 1.13 million (i.e. 1,138,965) for Work, Study (including Short Term), Family, Dep. joining or accompanying, immigration and Others (Visitors). 

Therefore, during the eleven year period, at an average, the empirical success rate has been 65.35%; whereas, the visa refusal rate has been 34.65% i.e. at an average one out of three visa applications, made by a Pakistani National, has been refused for entry clearance to the UK.

Number of UK Visa Applications from Pakistan and Success Rate

After the inception of PBS in 2008, the number applications made from Pakistan never crossed the pre-PBS application level of more than 200,000, as experienced during 2005, 2006 and 2007. In spite of the fact that during 2010, 2011 and 2013, the success rate remained higher than that during 2005, 2006 and 2007. Even in 2012 and 2014, the visa success rate hovered in the range of 67% as during 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Reasons for UK Visa Refusal from Pakistan

Although the reasons for UK Visa Refusal from Pakistan are many; however, these can be summed up in the following three (3) broad categories:

  • Changes in the Immigration Rules– Importantly, both in 2008 and 2015 substantial changes in the Immigration Rules were instituted and during both these years, the visa success rate remained lowest i.e. 57.46% and 53.66%. This can be attributed to lack of immediate understanding of the Changes to the Immigration Rules and their implications on the outcome.
  • Lack of Proper Documentation– By and large, especially in visitor visa applications, most of the applicants do not document visa application in a befitting manner, therefore, makes it quite impossible for ECO to grant a Visa.
  • Inappropriate Advice– Most of the applicants never give importance to proper advice as they are never able to understand the legal intricacies that are involved in submitting a befitting application for grant of a UK visa. Accordingly, they give heed to ill advice by consultants or amateur application filers, who does not have a proper grapple on a visa application and representation.

UK Visa Success and Refusal Rate from Pakistan 2005-15

You can find the yearly details about UK Visa Success Rate, Success Rate, Number of Visa Applications from 2005 to 2015 are as under:

2005 | UK Visa Success Rate 67.56% Refusal Rate 32.44%

During 2005, as many as 207,113 Visa and Immigration Applications were made from Pakistan, and a visa was granted to 139,920 applicants – indicating a success rate of 67.56%. Accordingly, the refusal rate was 32.44% during 2005.

2006 | UK Visa Success Rate 66.67% Refusal Rate 33.33%

242,863 applications were made under different categories for entry clearance at the post during 2006, and 162,166 visas were granted to Pakistani Nationals. The success rate slightly reduced to 66.67%  and refusal was increased to 33.33%. At an average, exactly one out of three applications submitted by a Pakistani National was refused during 2006 at the entry clearance.

2007 | UK Visa Success Rate 61.03% Refusal Rate 38.77%

207,849 applications were made at the post for entry clearance from Pakistan under all types of UK Visas during 2007. Out of these visa applications, visas were granted to 126,858 applicants. The success rate reduced markedly to 61.03%, and refusal rate increased to 38.77%.

2008 | UK Visa Success Rate 57.46% Refusal Rate 42.54%

The success rate of Applications from Pakistan further decreased to 57.46% during 2008, after the introduction of five-tier points based system (PBS) for processing applications relating to immigration, work, study and temporary or seasonal workers. During the year, 181,024 applications were made, and a visa was granted to 104,008 Pakistani Nationals. The refusal rate increased to 42.54% during the year.

2009 | UK Visa Success Rate 56.75% Refusal Rate 43.25%

147,717 applications were submitted, and 83,832 visas were issued under various categories such as visits, work, business, immigration, study, settlement, family, etc. The success rate reached a five-year low of 56.75%. The refusal rate slightly increased to 43.25%.

2010 | UK Visa Success Rate 71.17% Refusal Rate 28.83%

The visa success rate posted a remarkable increase as it increased by 15% to reach a level of 71.17%. During the year, 135,529 applications were made, and a visa was granted to 96,452 applicants. The refusal rate came down to 28.83%.

2011 | UK Visa Success Rate 80.16% Refusal Rate 19.84%

155,693 applications were submitted, and 124,808 visas were granted to Pakistani Nationals for visits, work, immigration, study, settlement, family, etc. The success rate reached its zenith at 80.16% and came very close to the eleven-year overall visa success rate of 84%. The refusal rate reduced to 19.84%. Therefore, ceteris paribus, at an average, only one out of four applications- made by a Pakistani National- met with a refusal during 2011.

2012 | UK Visa Success Rate 67.55% Refusal Rate 32.45%

122,266 applications were made under various categories for entry clearance at the post by Pakistani Nationals during 2012, and as many as 82,596 visas were granted. After experiencing new highs in 2010 and 2011, the success rate nosedived to 67.55%; whereas, the refusal rate increased to 32.45%.

2013 | UK Visa Success Rate 70.35% Refusal Rate 29.65%

During 2013, the visa success rate slightly improved to 70.35%. During the year, 112,885 applications for entry clearance were made by Pakistani Nationals, and 79,413 applicants got the visa. The refusal rate came down to 29.65%.

2014 | UK Visa Success Rate 67.41% Refusal Rate 32.59%

Although the overall UK Visa Success Rate reached its zenith at 89.1% during 2014; however, visa success rate for Pakistani applicants slightly reduced to 67.41%.

112,889 applications were made by Pakistani Nationals, and 76,101 applicants got a UK Visa. The refusal rate increased to 32.59%.

2015 | UK Visa Success Rate 53.66% Refusal Rate 46.34%

The overall UK Visa Success Rate slightly decreased to 88.2% during 2015. However, in case of Pakistani Applicants, the visa success rate reached an all-time low to 53.66%. During the year, 117,057 applications were made, and 62,811 visas were granted. The refusal rate increased to 46.34%.

UK Visa | Pakistani National Vs. Applications Made in Pakistan

Here it is important to note that a Pakistani National can submit a UK Visa Application at the designated Visa Application Centres at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Mirpur Azad Kashmir. However, if a Pakistani National is living elsewhere, for instance in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, etc., on a Resident Permit, then the applicant can make a visa application for- Entry Clearance to UK- in that particular country (apart from Pakistan and UK), where he/she is living with an appropriate legal status. Therefore, the data highlighted in the post relates to Pakistani Nationals, who have submitted their visa application either inside of Pakistan or elsewhere (apart from inside the UK). The data excludes the information relating to any other foreign national such as Afghan Nationals or any other Foreign Nationals, who are not Pakistani Citizens/Nationals but have submitted their Visa Application in Pakistan. Moreover, the data is exclusive of the applications made by Pakistani Nationals inside of UK for a Leave to Remain.

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