UK Visa for Pakistani Citizens in 2024: Fees & Requirements

The 2024 guide to UK Visas for Pakistani Citizens covers application fees and requirements for various categories, including visit, tourist, work, student, and family (spouse) settlement visas, along with priority services. For a tourist visa to London or England, the fee is ₨40,810. Student and spouse visas cost ₨173,887 and ₨655,092, respectively. The work visa for UK from Pakistan price is ₨255,152 for skilled workers. Opting for priority service for visit, student, or work visas incurs an additional cost of ₨177,435. Post-biometric, the typical processing time for these visa categories in Pakistan is around 3 weeks.

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UK Visa for Pakistani Citizens 2024 Fees and Requirements Pakistan

1. UK Visa for Pakistani Citizens 2024: At a Glance

Pakistanis need to apply for a visa if they intend to visit, work, study, or settle in the UK.

UK visa requirements for Pakistani Citizens depends on the type of application.

For instance, if Pakistani passport holders are applying for UK visit or tourist visa, then need to meet the requirements of Appendix V for Visitors, Immigration Rules.

How much is UK Visa Fee in Pakistan?

UK visa fee requirements in Pakistan depends on the type of application.

For instance, UK tourist, student, and spouse visa fees in Pakistan are ₨40,810, ₨173,887, and ₨655,092, respectively.

How Long Does It Take to Process UK Visa in Pakistan?

Visa CategoryProcessing Time
Non-Settlement Visas (visit, study, work)Typically, 3 weeks
Priority Non-Settlement VisasApproximately 5 working days (Additional fee: ₨177,435)
Spouse Settlement Visas (Standard Processing)Within 12 weeks
Spouse Visa (Priority Processing)Within 6 weeks (Additional fee: ₨177,435)
Super Priority ServiceNot operational in Pakistan
UK Visa Processing Time in Pakistan 2024

Travel Costs from Pakistan to UK

Expense CategoryEstimated Costs
Visa FeeStarting at Rs 40,810
Priority Service (Optional)Around Rs 177,435
AirfareRs 196,000 to Rs 336,000
Living Expenses (Includes accommodation, meals, and domestic travel in the UK)£50 to £100 per day
Travel Insurance (Optional)Varies based on coverage
Estimated Total for Solo TravelersRs 490,000 to Rs 1,463,000
Estimated Total for CouplesRs 980,000 to Rs 2,926,000
Estimated Total for Families of FourRs 1,960,000 to Rs 5,852,000
Travel Costs from Pakistan to UK for a 1-2 Week Trip

How to Migrate to UK from Pakistan?

Migration Pathway for PakistanisLength of Stay
Work Visas from Pakistan: For skilled workers with a job offer in the UK. Includes Skilled Worker and other specific work visas.Duration aligns with visa validity. Possibility of extension and pathway to ILR and citizenship.
Study Visas from Pakistan: For Pakistani students pursuing education in the UK.Duration aligns with course length. Extensions possible under certain conditions.
Family Visas from Pakistan: For Pakistanis with close relatives in the UK. Includes spouse, partner, and other family visas.Duration varies based on the specific visa. Extensions and ILR possible.
Investor/Entrepreneur Visas from Pakistan: Includes Innovator Founder visa for Pakistani entrepreneurs.Duration varies. Pathway to ILR and citizenship available.
Visitor Visas from Pakistan: For short-term visits, tourism, business, or family visits by Pakistanis.Up to 180 days per visit. Not extendable for long-term stay.
Migration Pathway for Pakistanis and Length of Stay in the UK

    Our multilingual, qualified London-based immigration specialists will get back to you, usually within 2-3 working days. If you have not attached any documents, the UK-based law firm may ask for relevant case-specific documents such as refusal letters, deportation orders, application forms, etc. After reviewing the documents and information, the legal advisor may suggest a course of action and quote the fees for processing the application.

    UK Visa from Pakistan 2023
    An Overview Of Uk Visa For Pakistani Citizens In 2024: Success Rate, Application Fee, Priority Service Cost, And Processing Time

    2. Visitor Visa UK from Pakistan 2024

    Pakistani nationals and passport holders can travel to the UK if they have a valid visa.

    Pakistanis having citizenship of non-visa countries such as USA, Australia, New Zealand, EU do not require a visa for visiting the UK for up to 6 months. However, Pakistanis having a Permanent Residence (PR) in a non-visa country do require a visa for travelling to the UK.

    Pakistani expatriates working or living in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the UAE cannot apply for electronic visa waiver (EVW) for visiting the UK for tourism, business, study, and private medical treatment.

    What is UK Visit Visa Success Rate for Pakistanis?

    In the year ending September 2022, a total of 110,300 Pakistanis applied for visitor visa UK. 101,967 applications resolved, 70,367 visit visas granted to Pakistani nationals, and 31,215 applications rejected. Therefore, the UK visitor visa success and refusal rate from Pakistan are 69.01% and 30.61%, respectively.

    Standard Visitor Visa

    Pakistani nationals can apply for standard visitor visa for tourism (holidays), visiting family in the UK, business meetings, study (courses up to 6 months), and other permitted activities.

    Pakistanis can apply for either short term (6 months) or long term (2, 5 and 10 years) standard visitor visa.

    The UK multiple entry visa rules are same for all types of standard visitor or tourist visa. Therefore, Pakistani nationals on standard visitor or tourist visa can stay in the UK up to 180 days per visit.

    How Much is UK Visit Visa Fee in Pakistan?

    In 2024, the 6 months visit visa fee UK in Pakistani Rupees is ₨40,810.

    Frequent travellers from Pakistan to UK can apply for long-term visitor visa for tourism, visiting family, and permitted business activities.

    The UK visa fees in Pakistani Rupees for long term 2, 5, and 10 years visit visa applications are ₨141,948, ₨273,605, and ₨341,741, respectively.

    In 2024, additional cost of priority service in Pakistan is Rs177,435. Therefore, priority visit visa fees in Pakistani Rupees for 6 months, 2, 5 and 10 years tourist or visitor applications are ₨218,245, ₨319,383, ₨451,040, and ₨519,176, respectively.

    How Much is London or England Visa Fee for Pakistani?

    The application fee of 6 months standard visitor visa UK from Pakistan is commonly known as England or London tourist visa price.

    The 6-months London or England tourist visa price in Pakistan is ₨40,810 per applicant.

    AspectDetails for London/England Visa (Pakistani Applicants)
    Standard Visitor Visa Fee6-month London/England tourist visa: ₨40,810 per applicant
    Requirement for Tourism VisaProof of sufficient funds for the trip and intent to leave the UK after the visit
    Consequences of False DocumentsUse of false documents may result in a 10-year deception ban
    England Visa Fee for Pakistani 2024

    Other Visit Visa from Pakistan to UK

    Visa TypeFee (PKR)
    Marriage Visitor Visa (Duration: Up to 180 days)₨40,810
    Private Medical Treatment Visa (Duration: 6-11 months)₨70,974
    Visiting Academics (Duration: 12 months)₨70,974
    Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE) Visa (Duration: Up to 30 days)₨40,810
    Parent of Child Student Visa (Duration: 12 months)₨226,053
    Transit Visa – Airside Transit₨12,420
    Transit Visa – Visitor in Transit₨22,712
    UK Visa for Pakistani Citizens 2024: Other Visit Visas and Their Fees

    3. UK Visa for Pakistani Students 2024

    As of October 5, 2020, the UK’s Tier 4 (General) Student route has been replaced by the Student Visa under Immigration Rules Appendix Student.

    Pakistani nationals can apply for a Short-term Student (English language) visa to study English in the UK. For courses lasting 6 months or less, they can use a visitor visa.

    For courses in further or higher education, pre-sessional English courses, recognized foundation programs, or to take an elected post as a Student Union Sabbatical Officer, Pakistanis must apply for a Student Visa according to Immigration Rules Appendix Student.

    UK Visa Ratio for Pakistani Students 2024

    In the year ending September 2022, a total of 32,028 Pakistanis applied for student visa UK. 32,624 applications resolved, 32,002 student visas granted to Pakistanis, and 552 applications rejected. Therefore, the UK student visa success and refusal rate for Pakistani nationals are 98.09% and 1.69%, respectively.

    AspectDetails for Pakistani Students
    UK Student Visa Fee from Pakistan 2024₨173,887 for studying in London or elsewhere in England/Britain
    Dependent Visa Fee₨173,887 for dependents (spouse, partner, children)
    Student Visa Processing TimeTypically, 3 weeks in Pakistan
    Priority Student Visa Fee in Pakistan 2024Total: ₨351,322 (Application fee: ₨173,887 + Priority service: ₨177,435)
    IHS Fees£624 per year (both student and dependent visas)
    Work EligibilityDegree-level: 20 hrs/week; Below degree-level: 10 hrs/week during term-time. Full-time during breaks. Degree-level dependents can work; below degree-level cannot.
    Post Study Work VisaBachelor’s/Higher: 2 years; PhD: 3 years under the Graduate route
    Short Term Student (English Language) Visa FeeOver 6 months < 11 months: ₨70,974; Up to 6 months: ₨40,810
    UK Visa for Pakistani Students 2024

    4. UK Family Visa from Pakistan 2024

    The family route is for those Pakistanis who can apply for a UK visa because of their relationship to a person settled in the UK or a British citizen. This includes spouse settlement visa, adult dependent relative, parent of a British Child visa etc.

    In the year ending September 2022, a total of 9,918 Pakistanis applied for family settlement visa UK. 6,960 applications resolved, 6,464 family settlement visas granted to Pakistani nationals, and 459 applications rejected. Therefore, the UK family (spouse) settlement visa success and refusal rate from Pakistan are 92.87% and 6.59%, respectively.

    UK Spouse or Partner Visa for Pakistanis

    AspectDetails for UK Spouse/Partner Visa (Pakistanis)
    Visa Route5-year route under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules
    Initial PeriodEntry clearance for 33 months; no recourse to public funds
    Extension RequirementRequired after 30 months for further stay in the UK
    Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)Eligible after 60 months (5 years) under the family settlement route
    Settlement EligibilityMust meet financial, English language, and lawful status requirements. Failure may lead to consideration under the 10-year route
    UK Spouse Visa Fees in Pakistan 2024₨655,092 for spouse, civil, unmarried, or same-sex partner visa
    Priority Spouse Visa Fees Pakistan 2024Additional ₨177,435 for fast tracking within 30 days; total: ₨832,527
    UK Spouse or Partner Visa for Pakistanis

    Other Family Visa from Pakistan to UK:

    Other Family Visa Type for Pakistanis to UKUK Visa Fee Pakistan 2024
    Fiancé(e) Visa: Ideal for Pakistanis planning to marry or enter a civil partnership in the UK. It’s valid for 6 months, with an option to switch to a spouse or civil partner visa afterward.₨655,092
    Parent of a British Child: For Pakistani parents who have sole guardianship of a British child.₨655,092
    Adult Dependent Relative: Aimed at Pakistanis requiring long-term care from a UK-based family member.₨1,153,330
    Returning Residents: For Pakistani nationals previously settled in the UK and looking to return.₨226,053
    UK Visa Fee Pakistan 2024: Other Family Applications

    5. UK Work Visa for Pakistani 2024

    The most popular route for getting a job in the UK from Pakistan is the Skilled Worker visa.

    Pakistanis can also apply for other types of UK work visa such as Innovator, Startup, Global Business Mobility, Health and Care Worker etc.

    In the year ending September 2022, a total of 10,176 Pakistanis applied for work visa UK. 9,578 applications resolved, 8,842 work visas granted to Pakistani nationals, and 672 applications rejected. Therefore, the UK work visa success and refusal rate from Pakistan are 92.32% and 7.02%, respectively.

    Skilled Worker Visa for Pakistanis

    AspectDetails for Skilled Worker Visa (Pakistanis)
    EligibilityPakistanis sponsored for a skilled job by a Home Office licensed sponsor
    Replacement of Tier 2 GeneralReplaced Tier 2 General in 2020; allows for permanent settlement (ILR) in the UK
    Skilled Worker Visa Fees in Pakistani Rupees 2024 (Based on COS duration)3 years or less: ₨255,152
    Exceeding 3 years: ₨503,917
    Shortage Occupation Visa Fees (Based on COS duration)3 years or less: ₨195,534
    Exceeding 3 years: ₨384,680
    Work Visa for UK from Pakistan Price 2024 for Skilled Worker Visa

    UK Health and Care Work Visa for Pakistanis

    AspectDetails for Pakistani Applicants
    EligibilityQualified doctors, nurses, or allied health professionals sponsored by a Home Office licensed sponsor
    Path to ILRVisa route can lead to permanent settlement (ILR) of Pakistanis in the UK
    UK Visa Fees Pakistan 2024 (Based on COS duration)3 years or less: ₨100,783
    Exceeding 3 years: ₨195,534
    Work Visa for UK from Pakistan Price 2024 for Health and Care Work Visa

    Global Business Mobility Visa

    The Global Business Mobility Visa is designed for Pakistani businesses to establish a presence in the UK or to transfer staff for specific purposes. Here’s a list of its categories and fees for 2024:

    Global Business Mobility Visa CategoryUK Visa Fee for Pakistani Applicants (2024)
    Senior or Specialist Worker₨255,152 (up to 3 years), ₨503,917 (over 3 years)
    Graduate Trainee₨105,752
    UK Expansion Worker₨105,752
    Service Supplier₨105,752
    Secondment Worker₨105,752
    UK Visa for Pakistani Citizens: Global Business Mobility

    Other Work and Business Visas Fees from Pakistan:

    Visa Category & DetailsFee for Pakistani Applicants (2024)
    Start-Up Visa: For new entrepreneurs.₨154,369
    Innovator Visa: Requires endorsement, £50,000 investment, B2 IELTS.₨422,651
    Innovator Founder Visa (From April 2023): Streamlined for international entrepreneurs; leads to UK residency.Endorsement: ₨354,871 (excl. VAT), Application: ₨422,651
    Investor Visa: For high-value investments in the UK.₨668,577
    High Potential Individual (HPI) Visa: For top-50 global university graduates.₨291,704
    Scale-Up Visa: With a job offer from UK scale-up companies; leads to potential settlement.₨291,704
    Global Talent Visa: For leaders in academia, research, arts, digital tech.Varies: ₨185,952 (Approval Letter), ₨68,135 (Main Applicant with Approval Letter), ₨254,088 (Main Applicant without Approval Letter/Dependents)
    T2 Minister of Religion Visa: For religious preaching and pastoral work.₨255,152
    International Sportsperson Visa: For elite sportspersons or coaches.₨105,752 (≤12 months COS), ₨255,152 (>12 months COS)
    T5 (Temporary Worker) Visa: For various sectors like seasonal, religious, or creative work.₨105,752
    Work Visa for UK from Pakistan Price: Other Work & Business Visas
    How to Apply UK Visa in Pakistan?
    UK Visa for Pakistani Citizens in 2024: Step-by-step guide on applying for a Visit Visa in Pakistan.

    6. How to Apply for UK Visa from Pakistan?

    This comprehensive guide is tailored for Pakistanis detailing the steps to apply for a UK visa. Follow this guide to understand everything from choosing the right visa type to preparing for your trip to the UK. Estimated processing time is 30 days. However, opting for priority service could expedite this to 15 working days.

    Total Time: 30 days

    1. Determine the Visa Type

      Determine the Visa Type

      Identify the visa category that matches your purpose for traveling from Pakistan to the UK.

    2. Create an Online Account

      Create an Online Account

      Register your account on UK government website.

    3. Complete the Application Form

      Fill Out the Application Form

      Fill online application form and ensure that information aligns with your supporting documents.

    4. Pay the Application Fee

      Pay the UK Visa Application Fee

      After completing the application form, pay the application fee online.

    5. Assemble Supporting Documents

      Assemble Your Supporting Documents

      Collect essential documents like your Pakistani passport, proof of financial resources, and details of your UK accommodation.

    6. Schedule a VAC Appointment in Pakistan

      Schedule a VAC Appointment

      Pakistanis cannot use the Immigration App for identity verification. Schedule an appointment at a UK Visa Application Centre (UKVAC) in Pakistan.

    7. Attend the VAC Appointment

      Attend the VAC Appointment

      Be present at the UKVAC with all your documents and complete the biometric verification process.

    8. Await Visa Decision

      Await Visa Decision

      Your application enters the processing phase post-submission. You will be notified upon decision.

    9. Passport Collection or Delivery

      Passport Collection or Delivery

      Choose between collecting your visa from the VAC or receiving it via courier service.

    10. Prepare for Your UK Journey

      Prepare for Your UK Journey

      With the visa in hand, make necessary preparations for your UK travel and review your visa’s terms.

    Estimated Cost: 40810 PKR


    • Application form
    • Valid Pakistani Passport
    • Recent passport-sized photos
    • Invitation letter (if applicable)
    • Visa fee payment in USD
    • Proof of UK accommodation


    • Internet access
    • Pakistani Passport
    • Financial documents

    Materials: Photocopies of documents, Print out of the Application Form

    CityUK Visa Application Centre Address in Pakistan
    IslamabadPark Road, Chattha Bakhtawar Chak Shahzad, Islamabad
    KarachiBahria Complex IV, Ground Floor, Chaudhary Khaliq UZ Zaman Road, Gizri, Clifton, Karachi
    Lahore20, Ex American Centre Building, Opp. Ganga Ram Hospital, Queens Road
    MirpurHanif Plaza, Sector D-4, New Mirpur City, Azad Jammu and Kashmir
    Uk Visa Application Centres In Pakistan

    For further details please refer to find a visa application centre.

    7. UK Visa Pakistan Required Documents

    CategoryRequired Documents for Pakistanis Applying for UK Visa
    Primary Documentation for Pakistanis– Valid Passport
    – Application Form (UK Visas and Immigration portal)
    – Proof of Accommodation in the UK
    – Financial Proof
    – Travel Itinerary
    – Proof of Ties to Pakistan
    – English Language Proficiency (for certain visas)
    Documentation by Visa Category for Pakistanis– Work Visas: Job offer, Certificate of Sponsorship
    – Study Visas: Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
    – Family Visas: Documents proving relationship status
    – Tourist Visas: Additional trip details
    Sponsorship Documents (if applicable for Pakistanis)– Invitation Letter
    – Sponsor’s Immigration Status
    – Sponsor’s Financial Documents
    – Proof of Accommodation by Sponsor
    – Evidence of Relationship with Sponsor
    Checklist of Supporting Documents for Pakistanis

    Note: This list includes primary supporting documents typically required for all visa categories. Sponsor documents can strengthen an application, but fulfilling primary visa requirements is essential.

    8. FAQs: UK Visa for Pakistani Citizens 2024

    1. Can Pakistanis Work on Visiting Visa in the UK?

      Pakistanis visiting the UK are not allowed to do work. Pakistanis travelling on a visitor visa needs to abide the conditions of stay in the UK. If the Home Office finds visiting Pakistanis breaching their conditions of stay, then may cancel the visitor visa with a re-entry ban.

    2. How to pay for UK visa fee in Pakistan?

      Pakistanis for UK visa from Pakistan need to pay the online application cost in Pakistani Rupees. Accordingly, Pakistanis can pay for UK visa fee online by a debit or credit card after completing the application form.

    3. How long is visit visa UK waiting time in Pakistan 2024?

      The UK visa processing time after biometrics from Pakistan for all the short and long-term visitor visa application is usually within 10-15 working days i.e. 2 to 3 weeks. Priority visitor visa processing time from Pakistan is normally within 5-7 working days. At times tourist visa processing time for Pakistanis may escalate up-to 12 weeks due to documents verification, interview, administrative bottlenecks etc.

    4. How to know if the UK visa is approved from Pakistan?

      Pakistanis only come to know about the UK visa approval (or refusal) after passport collection.

    5. How to Track UK Visa Application in Pakistan?

      If for any reason Pakistanis intend to know the application status, then can contact UKVI by phone or email. Once the UKVI makes the decision on the application then the UKVAC will inform the applicant for passport collection. If application remains unresolved even after 12 weeks or sixty working days, then applicants may need to contact UKVI.

    6. What Pakistanis can do if UK Visit Visa is Refused?

      Pakistanis can either reapply or file Judicial Review after UK visitor or tourist visa rejection. There is no right of appeal or administrative review against UK visitor visa denial. If Pakistanis have applied for UK visa on human rights grounds, then can file appeal after refusal. Please note, common reasons for visitor or tourist visa refusal for Pakistanis includes but not limited to doubtful intentions and large unexplained transactions in the bank statement.